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Music is known for being the language of all communications no matter what continent you happen to be on, music will be the healing force behind it all. We are vibratory beings, which simply means the currents that run through us are felt at all kinds of different levels. Life is not complicated people complicate life, by bringing things and people into their world that causes all kinds of unbalance throughout and within sadly.

To say ALL THE WORLD’S YOUR STAGE today is telling a truth that wasn’t imaginable to the commoner a few short decades ago. Now with all that is a finger click away, that is so true and only limited by your imagination. Youtube Twitter Facebook Instagram Vines Iphones Pinterest Blogs the internet as a level playing field has changed the world as we know it forever.

Does social media have the power to change the world?Does social media have the power to change the world?
This video was produced in June 2014 by the School of International Development, University of East Anglia The text and storyboarding were researched by Davi…


The World of Social Media 2013 - videoinfographs.comThe World of Social Media 2013 –
This video infographic contains the latest statistics and fact about Social Media in 2013. Download this video for free at


These videos are just 2 of the many I could show that depict the world we live in mow. I’m sure you know someone who has said they will never use the internet, well my friend let them know there is nothing they don’t do that doesn’t involve the world wide web and that is precisely why this articles name is ALL THE WORLD’S YOUR STAGE. Grab a hold of it and let your imagination bring you riches whatever it is you seek.

I’ll give you a little hint, numbers we deal in numbers. The more people the more what? that’s right if you said NUMBERS jump up and down you get it. But I don’t sell, who said you have too but whether you want to or not you do, I’ll explain what I mean it’s really simple.

Have you ever told a friend about a good movie restaurant clothing store pair of shows? something you were extremely excited about and just couldn’t wait to tell someone, well that was selling to the highest degree, you just weren’t selling your self or your own product. I’m telling you this because you will have to sell yourself to get others to believe in you and what you have to give as your world’s offering.

Do you use Twitter? if no, why not? this is one of the fastest and easiest ways to touch people all over the world without the crazy financial expenditures of conventional advertising dollars. My dear friend The Silver Conductor tweets in over 50 languages. He says to receive currency and checks from other countries is proof that we live on a very small connected planet now.

As a recording artist do want to be known only in the US if that’s where you are from or do want to take full advantage of a potentially worldwide audience of raving fans? that’s what’s at stake here. I say to you and anyone else who has the dream to be on the same level playing field as the multimillion dollar companies. If done right, you too can have those things with the social media platform that is available so I say again, take FULL advantage of it.

Social Media 2013 | New MusicSocial Media 2013 | New Music
This is the 4th version of the world’s most watched social media video series “Social Media Revolution. Written by international keynote speaker and best sel…


This video will give a really good view of the game called Social Media I really hope you are getting the value of.what’s being shared here, if I were an aspiring musician, I would take notes and put the most important step in all that I’ve read and heard TAKE ACTION!

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