Jun 16

Women, I had to go there uh? “Doin her Thang”


by: Nuwri Ghostleaf


I know I find it odd too that I would name this post, Women,  I had to go there Uh? “Doin her Thang” on fathers day.
Just listen to the lyrics, you’ve come along way ladies, with still many more mountains to climb.

When we talk about women in the music industry, we tend to think of superstars like Beyonce’, Madonna, Cher, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Christina Aguilera, Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, The late great Whitney Huston, Aretha Franklin, Mary J. Blige, and so many other fantastic women. My dear friend whose music is on the big up rise when it comes to independent artists, The Silver Conductor confided in me with his latest of many smash hits, that “NW” as he calls me, this is the one that will raise the awareness to the truly deserving, WOMEN! After one full listen and club review, the ladies loved it.

It’s not just the music industry we could talk about when comes to women, but in every and I mean every area of life where women have been leaders, are leaders with many more in the wings with unbelievable talents that will guide us in the future from technology to the presidency, and I’m not just talking about well know fortune 500 companies, I’m speaking of the world’s famous corporation, the United States of America corporation, bet you didn’t know that, but check it out for yourself, I’m just saying.

Back to music.

Billboard Pegs Nicki Minaj “The Lady Gaga Of Hip Hop”
Nov 15, 2010 whether you like her or not she did what she had to do to get everyone to pay attention to Uh Really?? Reply: She doin her thang. Don’t nobody else listen to her album but women so there are nothing but women to tear her down! …. I actually want to see more from Keys… gooff is good, for real.

Reflections of a Grady Doctor: Reflections from a Woman in …
Mar 14, 2010 Rebecca Lee Crumpler, first African-American woman to graduate a U.S. medical school Doin’ her thang at the Morehouse School of Medicine. Past and present Uh, see Nanette Wenger, above. Hello?!) Stereotypes, they got to go (got to go) I’m a mess …. a moon, worn as if it hadbeen a shell.

Photos Beyoncé Wants You To See Vs. The Photos She Doesn’t
Apr 25, 2013 Beyoncé has banned all outside photographers from her current tour. …. Beyonce’s a fierce woman, there is no need to be ashamed of some silly No one wants to see boring and perfect; we want to see her doin’ her thang. I’m sure you would allow photos as unflattering as these to goviral, as well?

Rihanna “Flirts” & “Does Her Own Thing” Without Chris Brown …
May 15, 2013 Justin Bieber Ventures Into The Darkness Of Space Mountain With Another Woman! Sean Kingston was also there to witness. She just comes and has a good time and hangs out with her friends. Besides, any DJ who stops a stripping RiRi from doin’ her thang on Uhoh… this doesn’t sound good!

So as you can see the list of women I could share with you is unlimited, but let’s just say for now, Women, I had to go there uh? “Doin her Thang”

is really and understatement for ALL to see and behold. I’m going to cut this short and leave you with this: Ladies no matter what society thinks and preys upon, YOU are what really makes the world go round. As a man I love it when she as a whole is “Doin her Thang”

Much Love for now.

Nuwri Ghostleaf

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