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How to win at the new Music Industry Game, I Got It!

How to Win at the new Music Industry Game, I Got It!

by:Nuwri Ghostleaf

Oops she did it again, No I’m not talking about Britney, but her name does begin with a “B”. Yes you are correct if you said Lady B, Beyonce. She drop another surprise on the industry again without informing the usual channels, which I feel is the ultimate in industry FREEDOM! thus inspiring me to title this article, How to Win at the new Music Industry Game, I Got It!

Before I begin, let me make this perfectly clear. I write strictly from the heart and the majority of the time straight to the point, depending on the subject matter. I’m not trying to win a literary prize for I know those awards mainly go to writers who’s ambitions are New York Times Washington Post Wall Street Journal kind of honors.
With all due respect to ALL eyes that see read and hear this,no disrespect to your intelligence, I just want to have Written Verbal Conversations with  the friend I see you as.Sincerely: Nuwri Ghostleaf

With that said let’s begin. The notion that there is no way to win at the music game today is the biggest farce I’ve ever heard. The magic is, are you ready for it? well before I go into detail, let me give you some more examples of either cd releases or the new wave of music industry surprises of how things are being marketed today.

Beyonce Drops Unannounced Self-Titled ‘Visual Album’ on iTunes …
Dec 12, 2013 Beyonce released a self-titled “visual” album exclusively on iTunes Thursday night, to the surprise of essentially everyone not named “Carter.”.

\Taylor Swift Pulls Her Music From Spotify – Wall Street Journal
Taylor Swift’s entire catalog of music was yanked from the Spotify streaming service at the pop singer’s request, the Anglo-Swedish company said on Monday.

Taylor Swift, Garth Brooks and other artists lead the fight against …
Nov 19, 2014 Garth Brooks: We must put the music first. NEW YORK – There’s a heavyweight fight going on in the music industry. In one corner, Spotify, the …

U2 Apologizes for Free ‘Songs of Innocence’ Album – ABC News
Oct 15, 2014 During a Facebook chat on Tuesday, the four members of U2 addressed the free album they released last month for all iTunes users. “Songs of …

[HQ]Lady Gaga – Artpop 2013 [full album] + [free download] – YouTube
Jan 24, 2014 Download link This video was made with Microsoft Expression Encoder 4 and here you can get it for free …

I’m sure this is not the last of what we will see or hear in regards to music being FREE or at least being given away as an enticement exchange for an email perhaps? (hint hint) The magic is what the major department stores grocery stores and many of your everyday consumerism venues ways of doing it when they ask you for your zip code or if you have an email address, they are building a LIST (hint #2) for future sales or invites to sales.

We as consumers are so conditioned in our responses that we don’t really even pay attention to what is really taking place. we just think it’s all a part of the way it’s supposed to be. As a wise business musician and now level playing field record executive of your own private indie label, you must take heed to what my dear friend the “Silver Conductor” says “Learn the Business of the Business you are in”.

Are you starting to get the message here? There is a new method to the madness being shown by those who could easily make their record labels take care of the business, but they to are getting wise and tired of the old ways. They realize that the tech savvy consumer is yearning for something new by way of promotions and surprise that says Yes! I am Feelin this.

Social Media is playing a very big part in it all.Google Youtube Twitter Linkedin Instagram Facebook Google+ and all the other methods of give it to me right now exposure. The element of surprise rather than waiting like days of old for slow minded  moving upstairs suits to make the decision on what they think is best for you and your future solely based on the money machine. Now YOU the Independent artist has that FREEDOM to make those executive decisions and feel good with the results good or bad because you are in control of your destiny.

The title How to Win at the new Music Industry Game, I Got It! is simply saying and playing, Follow the leaders and take Action on the hints provided, you too will find that pot of Platinum or Gold at the end of whatever your made up rainbow holds.

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