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Why You Need to Know!


by Nuwri Ghostleaf

Before we get to deep into Why you need to Know”, it’s very important that you also understand the ramifications if you don’t recognize the Good,the Bad and the Very Ugly. It could mean millions of dollars lost owed to you, I bet that got your attention, but it’s true, how do I know? well let’s just say you learn things in life through experience the majority of the time, and sometimes the hard way.

Since I mentioned it, money, let’s go there for a minute. Young inexperience to the game, never really having an all at once large lump sum of money in the 6 figure range. After you pick your mouth up from the ground along with the OMG mind set thinking of all the wonderful things you can do with all that money, all the lives you can change with all that money, but more so than that,if played out right, how much more is to come because of your talents and wise business knowledge of the game.

Well my mind wondering friend, reality sets in and you start to come back down to earth with thoughts of let me think about this, that’s right, slowing your thought roll you are pulling back know on the riches of Bling, and more so on itches of the Sting if you don’t do this right, Because here’s what’s really happening. The amount of the check you are about to receive is only a small fraction of what’s available if you open your business mind and say what about the rest? That’s right, you’re waiting for $100,000 when the actual amount is is just a little over $500,000 but because you are unaware of how this is really suppose to play out, negotiating that is, they the powers that be, know this so they feed your unsuspecting knowledge just what it needs to keep your eyes blinded to the reality of what’s financially going on behind your back, but quietly in your face.

You are given a small portion of what you are really worth, while they keep the larger of the two, quietly collecting the interest,  they will make  just as much as your portion, and they are not even touching the principal, why? because as I like to say using a coined saying from my friend The “Silver Conductor”, who happens to be in the game, “Know the business of the business you are in”, This is so key to your success.

It’s the difference from being well off financially or being financially set for life,there is a major difference in the two. So what am I really saying here you might be wondering,simply putting in layman’s terms, “Get Yo Sh*t Together” and learn the business, surround yourself with trustworthy people and the key word here is Trustworthy. You can have a team,tribe,posse, call it what you will, but your Team better be people you can trust or ripped off won’t be the correct vernacular to be used in how you will react once you catch up with the game that was played on you.

With the industry being worldwide in scope more so now than ever before, you being up on how it’s played is crucial to your success. From Social Media to online distribution to royalty collection companies. Bottom line is to treat and map out your career like a business, because that’s exactly what it is  behind the scenes. Yeah the glitz, glamor and girls are fun but the distractions will cost you tremendously if you are not careful.

I named this article “Why you need to Know” for the benefit of those less fortunate to have strong teams in place, for those who are totally oblivious to the unforeseen dangers of the music industry’s trappings. Many an artist can tell how they wish they would have had a theatrical attorney, rather than a family law practicing attorney who didn’t know how or have the industry weight and clout to negotiate carefully and ask for what your talent was truly worth, so they missed out on 7 figure contract paydays.

Artist like: Madonna, Drake, Jay Z, Justin B. Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Adele and countless others that you see and probably admire, all have stories of what they thought was a good deal before they hit it Big, and now they are restructuring they’re teams to accommodate their new industry needs. So you as a newbie can learn from others mistakes and take heed to warning signs by setting it all up straight from the beginning.

That’s why in a nut shell You Need To know! I could go on and on covering how to’s why’s and much more, but I don’t wanna do all the work for you, it will steal from your journey’s story.

Just remember, your “Why You Need to Know” is a simple read away, so Get Busy!


Nuwri Ghostleaf

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