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by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

The year was 1979 and a once bustling record industry was in somewhat of a slump, not as bad as the current down fall we are experiencing, but something similar. Along comes an album that made the entire music industry and music lovers alike say wait a minute, What is this? It was Michael Jackson’s “Off the Wall”

Then a few short years later it happened and it happened in a very big way. “THRILLER” which in today’s vernacular one would express by shouting WTW? ok WTF! you know. The magnitude of this album that literally changed not only the music industry, but also the video game over at MTV.

Sadly a thing called Racism was being felt in the video market game even with the token Black .J,J.Jackson how ironic that must have been, but Mother Columbia said if you don’t play Michaels Thriller video, take all of their video product off the air. now you have to realize this would have been at least 1/2 if not more than of all the videos they had at the time,nothing like today’s Youtube world.

Why do I bring this up, because we are at that point again where the industry needs a Savior. In this case I believe we are about to get two to for the Big comeback of believe once again, WHO WILL SAVE MUSIC TAYLOR OR RIHANA.

Taylor Swift - Shake It OffTaylor Swift – Shake It Off
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Rihanna - DiamondsRihanna – Diamonds
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I’m only hoping that the media doesn’t make this a racial thing like it does in almost every situation, but it has to be said so I’m putting out there before they do.

What we must realize as music lovers and buyers, is that innovation is good for us all,The internet social media the legal ability to download music, but to not give proper financial compensation to the creators of the content that’s making the companies like Pandora Spodify Rdio and all the other digital delivery platforms that seem to have an issue with more fairer royalty payments to those truly deserving.

You hear of them streaming companies making millions while the musicians and songwriters are having to live off that four letter word that it is really starting o financially hurt the industry called FREE! I’m sure with yes the easy non middle man anymore depending on your digital setup,a free gift in exchange for an email seems like a fair deal to me. (hint hint)

When superstar artist like U2 and Lady Gaga giving away entire albums, indie artists can’t survive and for that matter, the music industry can’t either. You’re seeing the results of FREE!

Ask yourself would work for your current boss from now on for free? Well next time you get your music free, think of the musician or song writer who has to feed his or hers family if FREE will pay for it.

We began with who’s going to get this music industry back on it’s feet, well it’s going to have to be a collective effort as far as I can tell. Rihana and Taylor are going to have Platinum numbers because of the belief in their creativity to the real arts of music. Giving their fans something worth the investment. They have sophisticated engaged fans that won’t settle for anything less. They both have fans that see what;’s going on in the business and giving anything less than an album worthy of their best, will kill any future sales for them.

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So the question of WHO WILL SAVE MUSIC TAYLOR OR RIHANA. will be one that only time will tell.Given the mindset of the critics which by the way if you haven’t noticed, feeds off the ability for you to not believe it can be turned around,  it sells the story and keeps you right where their overlords want you, in a non-believers state of mind.

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