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What’s a Dollar? | Why most musicians today and yesterday are Broke!


by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

What’s a Dollar? Why most musicians today and yesterday are Broke! well depending who you ask, what’s your definition of broke? no money to live? eat, pay bills,or just plain survive? Following your true hearts desire especially a musicians life, is something most only envy after the “BIG” break happens and everyone is your friend. How we wish it was that easy, not just in a musicians world, but life in general.

To go back in time when it comes to musicians, yesteryear was during a stay in your place era of time where people of color which by the way were some of most prolific writers in the record industry. The sad part is that not only did they not get recognition for their works, they were shall we say DUPED on royalties, publishing and so many other financial life long lasting revenues, that it’s a national and international shame that has been down played and very seldom written about or discussed.

A very dear friend of mine who is in the modern day music industry, told me recently that radio programmers asked him to give his listening audience a jewel they could use and keep in mind when trying to make it in this uncertain cut throat business. He said in one breath, “LEARN THE BUSINESS OF THE BUSINESS THAT YOU ARE IN”

With that, the phone lines lit up  asking him to explain more in depth.

As simply and eloquently as possible under the time constraints given by the powers that be, it went a little something like this.

Understanding the music industry has a learning curve like all things that you may venture into in your life. You must do your Due Diligence and learn the game. From Publishing, to Distribution. The 5 W’s and the H. What’s a Dollar? Why most musicians today and yesterday are Broke! depends, even in the new Motown era, where a musician has to wear all hats of this new social media industry we are currently experiencing which by the way, will be the new industry for a long time to come, so get used to it. Adapt Adjust and Profit by “Learning the New business of the Business you are in”.

MC Hammer – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
He has sold more than 50 million records worldwide. …. It was Hammer’s stage show, and his infectious stage presence, that led to his big break in 1988 while performing in an “I decided the next album would be more musical,” he says. …. performances of “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday” were dedicated to him.

I’m not going to give you too many examples because it’s hard enough emotionally to know that so many were burned (for lack of a more politically correct word)

during the so called good years of an industry we treasure.

Thought? have you ever wondered what life would be like without music? It touches every part of our lives on a daily basis.

Looking back and listening to your favorites as well as your parents favorites, think of how many musicians and songwriters got screwed and are Broke today, not because they didn’t manage their affairs correctly, but because they trusted others to do the right thing on their behalf.

What’s a Dollar? Why most musicians today and yesterday are Broke!

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Everything popular is wrong: Making it in electronic music, despite democratization

Apr 13, 2011 Closer to what today’s typical studio looks like. There’s this die-hard belief that income, at least for the musicians (but not for The exception being Radiohead, of course, but only after a decade on the million-dollar budget of a major. ….. And what’s more, the digital era has broken down another barrier;

In today’s modern day era of the record industry for musicians, you have to become knowledgeable in every area of the new game to be profitable. The ground work has been laid right out in front of you. Social Media has change the game, leveled the playing field, and even though there is still much ground to be covered in legislation, you as a wanna be “American Idol” or The Voice” winner, will have to take this new bull by the horns and ride it like your Broke life depends on it, because for most, it does!

Harsh reality I know, but like all things in life, “If it’s to Be, it’s up to Me” is what I like to say.

It’s said over and over that if you are doing what you love,then getting paid shouldn’t really matter, Bull****! Everyone has to eat live and survive, because the things in life aren’t Free, which brings me to another sad reality about today’s industry, but that’s another subject for another time and post.

If you are a musician, songwriter, producer or wannbe. “LEARN THE BUSINESS OF THE BUSINESS YOU ARE IN” so that you aren’t the next Big burned victim.


Nuwri Ghostleaf


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