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What kind of Artist are you ? Old School vs New Skool



guest post by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Throughout the decades it has been proven that good music like great  literature, will stand the test of time like that of all great performances.  Well as of  late, that truth can be questioned by the quality of Artist being introduced to the ever so increasingly clever buying audience.

What kind of Artist are you ? Old School vs New Skool, well hopefully this will open your eyes to some real life facts  and points, whether you are an artist or an observer seeking  clarity or an artist, critic and buying fan. The life of an artist is not the same as it once was yesterday for a great many reasons.

Some of the culprits of  blame, can be place on the shoulders of these reality shows like: American Idol, Xfactor, America’s Got Talent,  The Voice, and many others I’m sure. But hold on that’s not all, what about Social Media? the ability to become an over night sensation is as real as the next Tweet or Youtube video that can Explode on to the world seen literally overnight by going viral and before you know it, everyone is talking and wondering who is this? where did they come form? and all the other many questions that can come to mind.

But is really their fault? the Fame and overnight possible fortune? I mean really stop and think about that one for a moment, wouldn’t you like to be on the financial receiving end? some will say no I want to earn it, others will say you bet, we are talking life changing revenue, so just be real in you response at least to yourself be truthful.

How this affects the so called overnight hit sensation, Old school way vs New Skool way? let’s break this down:

Old School

  • A&R department
  • Promo tour
  • Live bands actually playing the instruments
  • Vocal coaching
  • Touring only when you were truly ready
  • Performing real and true meaningful music
  • Respect for the arts

New Skool

  • Auto tuned vocals on almost every song
  • Foolish behavior and disrespect
  • All about the money and it shows
  • Sex Sex and more Sex
  • Verbal vulgarity in the majority of all songs
  • Reckless abandonment for the arts themselves
  • Surrendering to the establishment rather than owning up to real freedom

The above lists could have many more points I know,  some good and some bad, but nevertheless, all valid and real.

Almost everywhere you turn and articles you read, are about the record industry dying or dead, I find this to be oh so wrong, Music will never die, the importance of music to every human on this planet is as important as the air we breath. Check with any doctor or segment of society, and tell me where you don’t find some kind of music. The affects are vital pulsating algorithms that we can’t survive without. From the deep into the depths of the jungles, to the person who has never physically heard music, but has felt it. We All need it.

For that matter even animal life needs and enjoys music,  it’s not going anywhere as long as there are creative artist creating it.  No matter what the dooms sayers write. Now back to the subject at hand of artist real vs non-real, this is going to be a matter of choice and time, what do I mean by time? Age like fine wine is very important. The music buyers or down loaders of today are being groomed something similar to buying singles of yesteryear, with online streaming being the new DJ along with internet radio and piracy.

With that mindset, it’s no wonder that an overnight sensation doesn’t have to worry about being road tested and concert ready to prove themselves, the audience is being groomed to except it as the norm much like the vulgarity that comes along with most of it. Just give me a Sex driven show with Auto-tune vocals and trickery, and Bam! there you have it, no A&R needed just give it to me now and it’s New Skool Cool!

Proof is all around you, no need to name names, if you have some in mind you can think of off the top of your head, then you know where I’m coming from. But who’s really to blame? is it just the times we live in or should I dare say excepting? or can we  really do anything about it? I mean with every time you turn around someone is complaining about their 5th amendment right is being violated, I feel this is such crap, don’t get me wrong I’m for all of our constitutional rights, but when they’re abused and taken for granted with constant misuse, then we as a whole have a problem that will only get worse in the time.

Yes there were a lot of things that went wrong in the past on the business tip, just like today, but the Old school artist made Damn sure they were ready before they hit the road or released music that would be purchased by a buying public. Today is about microwave music or instant soup music, throw it against the wall and see if it sticks music.

The awesome thing about the new digital industry vs the old school industry, is artist FREEDOM! something a many artist wish they would have had around decades ago, and today’s artists should take full advantage of. Social Media  has opened the door for artist to reach unprecedented numbers of  fans at the click of a button, without the traditional bureau cratic BS that so many had to endure back in the yesterday.

So I guess when asked, What kind of Artist are you? Old School vs New Skool, your answer can be one based on a new found knowledge of what it will be, depending on what you take from this article and any future research you do as a wannabe artist.

I strongly urge you to read more of the articles on this blog, they are very informative and  helpful in propelling you in a straight direction with the knowledge necessary to succeed in the new digital record industry.

Until we meet again.

Sincerely, Nuwri Ghostleaf

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