Nov 11

Too Sexually Explicit or Morally Destructive?

Too Sexually Explicit or Morally Destructive?

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

BAM! now that is an eye opener or is it? Too Sexually Explicit or Morally Destructive?

This would all depend on who you ask from an age, gender, genre, and socially preoccupied with such a matter concern. First thought that comes to mind when you talk about genre and socially destructive, most are going to point to the music industries most verbally destructive, Rap, now wait a minute. why Rap? what about Heavy Metal Rock or Hard driving Punk? Let’s dive into it for a moment.

Ask the question what genre is the most widely played mimicked or copied around the world? It’s Rap. Doesn’t matter what country or color out of the crayon box you choose, RAP is the genre of choice by an entire generation of Millennial music buyers and wanna be artists.

What about the Moral Destructive issue, well again that’s where we all are going to have to take a step back and do what a very dear friend of mine asked me to do, Interpret Freely. This is almost like religion. People are going to get moved to the left or right by it. 5th amendment jumps out at you, Parental Discretion kicks in, and just plain do we as a society still hold our value structure as high we use to.

Two of the worlds most beloved entertainment industries are the main culprits that are destroying the very fabric of our society’s  mindset, the Music and Movie industries. Of course this is all by design if one where to do their due diligence.

Artists from Madonna to Miley, to Kanye to Wiz Kali and all others you could add to the list. It is a collective effort by the powers that be whom control these mega Billion dollar industries along with the strings attached to the artists that promote it willingly or not.

Then there is the Illuminati, the power structure behind the curtain. Yes like in the Wizard of Oz., So that you get somewhat of an understanding of who and what the Illuminati is, think of one word: POWER! The controlling body of all that this world has to offer. I mean everything from Food to Medicine, the corporations and the family lines the own them are behind it all. This goes way back, call it what you will, but truth is truth.

If you want to see all the explicit video content, Google or Youtube it.

What can we do about this you might be thinking, first ask yourself, do you want to do anything about it? The growing concern will be and is showing up more frequently than not now days, is the behavior in our communities, schools and lack of respect by a growing populace saying: “It’s All Good” that’s just how things are now.

Do you really think the artists who make millions are willing to give it all up for the greater good? I’m going to go with the odds of a resounding H*** NO! When you hear and artist say my music doesn’t influence people, you have to stop and say, really? then why do they buy your music? C’mon now Be Real!

With all the Social Media like Youtube, Google, Twitter,Vines, Facebook and so many other instant viral ways to curse and get your “I Don’t Give A F***” message out, what are we to do?


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