Jun 25

Terms and Conditions | Read them, right, 4Real?



by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Terms and Conditions | read them, right, 4REAL?

How many people really take the time to actually indulge in such mental misery? After all, it’s the Law right? not really, but one could call it the law of the web.You would be surprised at how many don’t when they should or at least be somewhat knowledgeable of what governs their cans and cant’s on the internet, especially particular sites.

Terms and Conditions | read them, right,4Real? are the written law of internet sites, to not be aware of that is a crucial mistake of most every internet user. Countless numbers have had nightmare results in not knowing what they can and cannot do on their websites, blogs,and videos. I personally have had sites  with heavy traffic, taken down by not reading the long arduous fine print. I mean come on really? Who really takes the time to do that?

Well my friends let me tell you that you should or consult someone who is up on the game of those undesirable reads. Here is the  main reason why I bringing this to your attention. As much as I Love social media, 90% of my livelihood depends on it,  you can see why it’s a big deal to me as it should be to you.

From sites like Facebook, Youtube, Linkedin, and  Twitter just to name a few, If you’re not slightly familiar with their terms of endearment, Oops my Bad, Terms and Conditions, you can get caught up in legal battle or just simply shut down at will by the governing site without warning and BAM! there goes months if not years of effort,blood sweat and tears,not to mention the time it took that you’ll never get back. But you will have gain a lot of very valuable information on “How not to”, that you could profit from (hint hint).

I know the title Terms and Conditions | Read them, right, 4Real? was one that made you stop and think for a moment, that’s why you are still reading this article. It’s crossed the mind of almost everyone on the web but 99% haven’t read them because of the long legal jargon that makes you wanna, well you get where I’m going.

Facebook I just learned and hopefully you already know this, has it set up that if you ‘Like’ a page, you have given them the ok to use your face and likeness as a endorser of that or any product familiar to the likeness (no pun intended) of said product? So be very careful of who and what you like.

Now what about celebrities. Do you think they are automatically treated the same as you and I? I can almost guarantee there is a big difference due to the fact of who they are and their attorneys would have a lawsuit field day, saying you’re selling hordes of products due to the fact that their client say Beyonce’ ,Lady Gaga is connected some how,oh pick any of your favorite celebs and I guarantee you that it’s not the same. Is that fair? Oh well that’s different you’re saying to yourself uh? Is it?

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m 100% Social Media, it’s the do as you will self imposed laws they have and can implement without notice that we ALL should be aware of, or at least have someone  in the know on these matters when they arrive, so we the unsuspecting public who these sites depend on, are not bamboozled into a corner of no return.

Maybe Fb does it because they know they can,and quite frankly there’s nothing you can really do about but leave the site, I mean they are the BIGGEST on the planet.

So in closing it’s only fair for me to say that that the Terms and Conditions | Read them,right,4real? is something we ALL will have to live with until just the legal laws, we become so familiar with them from the multiple law suits that might come about from being ignorant of such laws or Terms that we will eventually say,ok I get it, Read them Already!

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