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Jul 04

Lady Gaga cd sales down It’s over | No more Record Industry!

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf Did you see all the articles of panic on google music alerts, all the blog posts? Lady Gaga cd sales down, it’s over| No more Record Industry! Well let’s look at a possible reason why they might be thinking and feeling this way. could it possibly be because that they were selling it for .99cents, the entire cd? What kind of Tom Foolery were they trying to pull. It’s already bad enough that people can go online and download music for FREE, and then one of the, if not the top main stream headliners is damn near giving her music away, not a single, but the entire album? What does that do for Independent artist, painfully if …

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Jun 21

Music Industry’s new Age limit, What the He _ _!

article by: Nuwri456 Ok so feel me on this, the Music Industry’s new Age Limit, What the He _ _! is to bring about an awareness of what seems to be the normal or forced issue upon the music buying public, that if you are over say 30+, you are really too old to be getting any real recognition for your musical contributions. Put another way, this game is for the youth due to the fact that they are the ones still fueling the music economy in the Hip Hop, Bubblegum auto-tune genres. I beg to differ strongly. It’s constantly being written in almost every article that this industry is dead or dying, but contrary to belief, that is the …

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Apr 06

Social Media | How to use it

Guest post article: by: Claire Field A Nuwri456 request How to use social media to break into the music industry radiohead-8 Story Toolbox Share83 Break the news! Reddit Stumbleupon Breaking into the music industry has changed, with artists no longer relying on old-school tactics to try and land a record deal. Technology has disrupted the music biz like bands creating location aware based albums. Here’s how social media can be used to try and make that break into the music industry: Consider which social networking sites to use MySpace used to be the social networking site of choice for aspiring artists. The once popular site has been attributed to launching the careers of Lily Allen and Soulja Boy, as well …

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Mar 08

Music Industry | Who Controls It?

Important guest video: Invited by: Nuwri456 I’m bringing this to your attention because of it’s content and message,  listen to what’s being said, come to your own conclusions on whether you think there’s truth to it or not. Just remember as I always leave you with this: ” You are the Final judge in all that you do” So with that enjoy.  

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