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Feb 04

Our thoughts are? | Plethora

It’s been said, “Ask and you shall receive” well many of you gave a Shout back and responded, Thanks a Million. 🙂 Nuwri456  Borrowed: Some Thoughts About The Music Industry The tweets are as follows: Agnes, sorry to disappoint, but Sony/ATV is a music publishing company, not a recording company. Sony/ATV is a publishing company, and EMI is a recording company. you know, the EMI which is drowning away already. Sony/ATV as a music publishing company will manage composers and offer songs to recording companies. They don’t release records. now the international recording arm of Sony is Sony Music Entertainment. Notable artists: Beyonce, Shakira, Usher, Michael Jackson EMI is also an international recording company, home to The Beatles, former home to …

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Feb 03

The New Digital Music Era | For Today’s Artists

By: Nuwri456 The New Digital Music Era | For Today’s Artists I’m gonna keep this short and informative,there is a New Digital Music Era taking place right before your eyes, and  there has been no better time in the History of the Music Industry than the present. With the advent of the Internet and Social Media, a musician only has to go through a small learning curve window and BAM!  the waiting for Industry Executives, Manager approval, A & R directives are over, unless and I mean unless you have a staff or hired hands that will do these tasks for you? your call,deep pockets 🙂  you can become an over night sensation, but the Real catch 22 here is, …

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