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Nov 20


WHEN MUSIC IS YOUR LIFE by: Nuwri Ghostleaf To wish upon a star is sung in many a song, but felt in many aspiring artists hearts. WHEN MUSIC IS YOUR LIFE, it’s quite a different story. The dream is so real your every waking moment is a song being performed on the biggest stage of …

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Oct 21


RECORD INDUSTRY EARTHQUAKE by:Nuwri Ghostleaf It’s an $32 billion dollar RECORD INDUSTRY EARTHQUAKE, that’s what being reported by most the on and offline new services that are still connected to the massive conglomerates that seems to the first round shocker which has caused this unbelievable but very devastating catastrophe. OMG! from R&B to Classical no …

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Jul 24

A Singles Life | Musically speaking

By: Nuwri Ghostleaf Hard to get a date due to bureaucratic executive sloshing? well fret no more, your time has come. There are 9 other singles just waiting to take your place in the releasing pattern of the old school record industry. But with the advent of our current worldwide digital industry, you won’t be …

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Jul 04

Lady Gaga cd sales down It’s over | No more Record Industry!

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf Did you see all the articles of panic on google music alerts, all the blog posts? Lady Gaga cd sales down, it’s over| No more Record Industry! Well let’s look at a possible reason why they might be thinking and feeling this way. could it possibly be because that they were selling …

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