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Oct 17


A NEW MUSIC INDUSTRY LOW by: Nuwri Ghostleaf Oh no say it ain’t so. A NEW MUSIC INDUSTRY LOW . Now this really sucks! In all my years writing about this wonderful business, this is saddening to hear and see. I wrote an article about what life would be without music, the response was shocking that so many of you said it would be like dying not that you’ve experienced it personally, but the feeling I guess would be like it is when you lose that person who was the absolute closest to your heart. I know from persona; experience several time s over. Click here if you want to read the article that spawned me to write this article. …

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Oct 16


VULGARITY IN MUSIC TODAY IS IT NECESSARY? by:Nuwri Ghostleaf Let me begin by apologizing to any of our viewing and reading audience that what you are about to experience is the sad ways of our society in it’s thinking and excepting that the only way for people to get a point is by the sometimes exaggerated use of Profanity. Well we here at the Silver Conductor’s blog do not participate or indulge in such behavior. Now I know that might seem unrealistic sad to most but if you “Stop Look and Listen” you too will see that affects it’s having on an entire generation who’s moral compass is almost nonexistent. With music playing a major role in style language and …

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