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Jul 08

Life without Music ?| Ah He_ _ Naw!

Life without Music ?| Ah He_ _ Naw! by: Nuwri Ghostleaf Update: 9/25/2014 A world without music is a world without a Soul. Life without Music?| Ah He_ _ Naw! can you really imagine in today’s times of Ipods, Ipads, Ringtones, Cellphones,Laptops,Dre headphones,$5k sound systems Boomin no sound at all? I mean really think about that for a minute (pause)——–ok, I know silence is good for all of us at one time or another, just to clear our heads and think, maybe to study, baby ‘s sleeping, headache, mom or dad needs the peace after a long day at work, or some just me time in silence ahhhh, but wait a minute, what about life without Rap, Jazz, Rock, Punk,House, …

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Apr 06

Social Media | How to use it

Guest post article: by: Claire Field A Nuwri456 request How to use social media to break into the music industry radiohead-8 Story Toolbox Share83 Break the news! Reddit Stumbleupon Breaking into the music industry has changed, with artists no longer relying on old-school tactics to try and land a record deal. Technology has disrupted the music biz like bands creating location aware based albums. Here’s how social media can be used to try and make that break into the music industry: Consider which social networking sites to use MySpace used to be the social networking site of choice for aspiring artists. The once popular site has been attributed to launching the careers of Lily Allen and Soulja Boy, as well …

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