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Nov 25

Internet Streaming Spodify Platinum Billborad

Internet Streaming Spodify Platinum Billboard by:Nuwri Ghostleaf Confusing title or sign of the times? With something new happening everyday to add to the changes of our beloved industry I can understand why someone would have information overload. If you open your eyes widely enough, you will come to the conclusion that if you as an …

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Sep 25

Does Age Really Matter In Music Today?

Does Age Really Matter In Music Today? by: Nuwri Ghostleaf Now that is going to be a matter of opinion, Does Age Really Matter In Music Today?. We all don’t like the same kind of food clothes cars homes movies books or sports teams, so why should it matter when it comes to music? All …

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Sep 22

Mixing and iPhone 6

Mixing and iPhone 6 by Nuwri Ghostleaf Now before you engineers and so called experts say WTW? Mixing and iPhone 6 no way he did  he mix his music on that and get a decent mix. Well before you Stop Look and Listen I suggest you re-think how you are doin what you do now …

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