Jun 28

Real R & B music | Keeping Soul Alive!

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Real R & B music | Keeping Soul Alive! it seems that every since the passing of Soul greats like Marvin Gaye, Barry White, Gearld Le Vert, Robert Brookins, Funkster Bassist Wayman Tysdale just to name a few, Real Soul music has just about gone as well. As we read article after article on google music alerts, all we see is the doom and gloom of the record industry dead or dying. Big conglomerates taking over what used to be the major labels. Downloading, being over shadowed by a Cloud, Well established artist not really sure of their next moves, but more startling than that is the dropping of  Soul and R&B categories from the Grammy’s Awards in 2012, What?

Oh yeah keep up on the news readers, it may not be all of the categories but more than one was too many to exclude at all. I guess they are a little confused on what real Soul music is. Or maybe it’s a timing issue with the network airing the show? whatever excuse they give, it’s just not cool no matter how you look at it. Could this be undercover music racism?

The music being played in heavy rotation is not Soul or R&B, it’s modern 2011 Disco if you just listen close enough, from Chris Brown, to User, to Ne-yo, where did the Soul go? Hip Hop is a genre spawn from old school Soul and R&B, even though that genre is a topic for another discussion at a later date, stay tuned.

After watching this years BET awards 2011, I was at a lost with the exceptions of Patty Label, Alicia Keys, and the gospel tribute, there is work to be done to bring things back to a respectable status, and give Soul R&B it’s rightful place back in the eyes of many. Now I know there are some thinking what am I talking about, where am I coming from and where am I going with all of this, well let me explain a little further in depth.

Yes we live in a different time and space and many of the artist of the day seem to not have a clear vision of what role music plays in our society, the lasting effects on generations that will suffer consequences of actions taken by the drive of their messages. A recent article about a 5 year old girl wanting to do the hoochie moves she said she saw on video, by a female artist who will remain nameless, or the 8 year old in miami who took a hand gun to school because he said a video showed him how cool it was and how cool it would be for his friends to see. Would that be the effects of Real R&B music | Keeping Soul Alive! No way!

From the Lyrics to the videos, an entire generation is being lost to the bottom line dollar of record executives and artist who only see what that contract says you must put out or face contractual default and lawsuits, not too mention a fanbase that wouldn’t understand and probably not except anything less today, they would  say you’ve sold out, so business as usual no matter the consequences uh?.

Have you ever stop to wander what the music of tomorrow will say to future generations, think about a scenario of guy meets girl they get together at his place and one thing leads to another, he sets the music mood with some 50cents What? did I say that,ok some lil’l Wayne, What the He**! that’s my point exactly, who are the artist of today that lovers will put on to keep them in the mood? you guessed it right if you were thinking OLD SCHOOL vintage Smokey, Barry, Gearld, Robert, Marvin, the vocalist who said it for us and the women said OK 🙂

Real R&B music | Keeping Soul Alive! the only way is for Real Artist to stay out there with the help from radio online and off. For Social Media viral effect to say hey, have you heard the new Johnny Gill cd.? I think you feel what I’m saying, it’s all up to us Real R&B music lovers to keep R&B relevant.

As my dear friend The Silver Conductor says: “Always know who loves you”

Nuwri456, until next time -Peace-

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  2. When did I see the trend in the music I love(R&B) start to take a turn for worse? It started in the mid 90s and slowly went downhill from there.

    I think a lot of young people recognize the value of ole school R&B. If you check out some of vintage R&B songs and videos on youtube…I am delighted by the tone of some of their comments. They can’t deny what they are listening to.

    And there are some visionaries out there who truly believes the real music industry consists of the fan and the artist who create the music. The internet removes the barriers and allows any of us to fill in the grey area between the 2. It just takes someone who sees things differently to change its course.

    The present industry had to start somewhere.

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