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by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

The year is 1982, Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’ hits the streets and the world goes Crazy. 1984 Bruce Sprinsteen’s ‘Born In The USA’ is released and more great music hits the streets.  REAL PRODUCED MUSIC VS BEATS. Madonna,Red Hot Chili Peppers,Doggystyle,REM,Janet Jackson just to name a few that lit up the charts with it. Pick your genre and go for it. Great music was being produced played by real musicians. Fast forward to the present 2015, but most important in the mind of this writer, the Millennial market that really is the buying power of music lovers that are being seduced by the powers that be. Why? because they know if they can keep their minds corrupt, they can stay in control.

What does that have to do with REAL PRODUCED MUSIC VS BEATS, everything. If you look at the future of music and musicians who play that music, even the Beat makers will have nothing to produce. It’s musicians that create the majority of the samplings from the entire spectrum of musical instruments. A drummer has to lay down beats for beats to be made. Violinists have to lay down various parts of a melody for that to go into a sampled sampler. You see it’s all interconnected.

Long comes Sampling Beats Autotune , which was NOT created by Akon or whoever else is claiming they created it. Can you say Stevie Wonder , Peter Frampton ? do your due diligence into that fact. We just have a new audience being introduced to Old School methods. Don’t get me wrong it’s coo, just give created where it’s due.

New Skool vs Old School is a matter of preference. Simply depends on the age of the buying listener. If you are a musician songwriter or artist trying to make it in the new social media music industry, here a short list of a very long list of musts:


Beat makerMotown in the studio

In the studio whether it’s a Beat machine or Real musicians, Do Whacha Feel.


This is a business. You’ve been given a talent but you will need to be Consistent and Persistent in all that you do. The big major contract dream is not dead, just far few and in between reality. REAL PRODUCED MUSIC VS BEATS is your call, just know who you are as an artist.

It’s said that Success leaves clues. Look at your music hero that is successful and do what they’ve done, follow them, watch what they do, and copy it. One big thing that seems to be working for new unknowns is doing a cover of an already hit song, build and audience or followers, call them what you want, and market to them. Said another way, find you Niche or Lane and BLAZE a trail.

I’ll leave you with something my dear friend The Silver Conductor teaches: “Learn the Business of the Business you are in” This knowledge will help you have a sustainable career in this game called The Record Business.

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