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Racial Rap? What’s really Relevant, Is Music Racists?


by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Seriously? Racial Rap? What’s really Relevant, Is Music Racist? what an in your face beginning to such brash and for some harsh reality article. Well let me start by addressing the fact that the content contained in this article is that of the mind set society, maybe not so much as a whole, but of a secular few who would rather keep it that way, rather than bring together ALL for the common good of humanity.

WARNING! some of the language maybe offensive for younger eyes and  ears, but believe me it’s nothing they haven’t heard before, at home or at school or out in the general public arena, it’s the times we live in unfortunately, where the second language is not Spanish, but the fewer than 20 verbally abusive swear words known to man and woman. If you throw in the laced together words like say: ASSWhole, DICKFACE, BITCH HOE! and so many other thrown together low minded lingo, webster’s dictionary could make up it’s own 21st century version of Modern Cursing 101.

I know by now this has gotten your attention, shall I continue? let’s. Racial Rap? What’s really Relevant,Is Music Racist? is simply that, RACIST, in every corner of the world, especially in the US. Yes other countries have their issues, but not as profound as America. Everything from music, magazines, television,radio, department stores and so many other components of our society.I know I know,what about the topic or title where it asks “Is Music Racists? All you have to do there is go back to the early days of modern music and the answer will be abundantly clear.

Black artists were told to make it on your own charts first, then we will consider playing your kind of music on ours. Until the late great Dick Clark introduced America to Bandstand, generations of White bebop’s didn’t even know they were already exposed to the “your kind of music” virus already. Many of the writers of the Rock and Roll  grooves came from Soul and RnB music roots. Many of the hit writers of the songs where Black, but didn’t get the credit or royalties for that hurtful matter.

Fast forward to the 1990’s where America and the world was getting it’s first taste of underground hard core Gangsta Rap, and oh how it woke up a sleeping giant of implanted hood by hood segregation, unemployment disparity, culture SHOCK! that this could not be happening in America. But the feeling and timing was right for the messages to be heard. A sort of youth movement through a medium that was sadly controlled by the fascist propaganda machine that created it all in the first place.

Rock and Roll, Soul music, better known as RnB, Blues, Country, Punk Rock, Pop, Classical, does all this sound and look familiar to everything else that is separated by color, whether it’s visible or not in our society? we have Racial Rap from Black, White, Latino and every other color in the spectrum of human diversity.

What’s “Relevant” is that ALL are sounding off about their situation, be it economically, educationally,  a vast array of survival relevancy through verbal communication delivered through the most engaging instrument of the times, Music. Is Music Racists? or just “Stereotypical” ? You can say that the expressions of the times are what most rappers dialog portray, their neighborHOOD surroundings, the company that they kept, be it forced or invited, it been said to be considered family with Death bond, no matter the circumstance.

With many friends in the game of music, times have changed dramatically since those days of  “Racists” yesterday. The advent of the internet has changed that, along with the messages being carried over onto the Youtube screen. Social Media has leveled the playing field for musicians, The ability to get that word to a much broader audience at a much faster speed in fact at the click of a mouse, your vulgar obscenities can been seen and heard by millions whom sadly seem to crave and thirst for more, the raunchier, the better, And we haven’t even discussed “SEX”.

Are we color blind or just willing to let become the norm and hope for the best and let our kids and younger generations discern what’s bets for them because “WE” as the elders are not stepping up to the plate to change it before it’s too late. When and what’s too late? well how about ALREADY!

If you were to ask  or just talk to a group of middle school  or high school students regarding this, their attitude would be somewhat defiant because it is the “New Normal” I hear it all the time. with the laws in place that protect them from you even breathing in their direction too hard. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a strong opponent for children’s rights, but to just stand by and watch the ignorant rampages of disrespect is just to much to bare, at what point do you draw the line in the sand, why? because these are the very people who will be running the world in our golden years. The mind set then will be Fuck em‘ send them out to pasture, no not all will fill this way, but the vast majority just by a future following of current events if we let it continue on this path of  the new normal.

All n ALL, no matter what you think say or feel, whether Prejudice, Racists or whatever your generational bad habit is, It’s ALL Relevant! “Racial Rap? What’s really Relevant, Is Music Racists?” it’s a big part of our national fabric where “WE the People” have chosen a path of utter silence in most cases until affects you and yours then we start to take notice of just how bad it has become.

I’m going to stop here for now, but just be aware of the consequences for the lack of action on this matter, if we are not careful, kids and young adults are smarter than you think,and it is they who are providing tomorrows content of knowledge.



Nuwri Ghostleaf

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