May 14

R Major label deals a thing of the past?



If you look at the current landscape and articles that are being posted daily, there’s  more truth to this than meets the eye. R Major label deals a thing of the past? can be summed up in 3 words,”Reality TV” ok so there’s letters in there, but you get my meaning. Shows like, American Idol ,XFactor, The Voice, So you think you’ve got talent, and now,Duets with major label Artists.

Addendum to the above would also be Fanbase, Followers, Subscribers and Brand. These 4 are becoming the most crucial factors in all of the world of business. Look at it like major brands do, from television shows and networks, automotive manufactures, any and all things that are consumer driven,which is practically everything, they all are Socially Engaging and Connected.

There’s really nothing that you see in print or advertised Live on radio or television that doesn’t have .com attached to it, “It’s The Way of The World”. As far a musicians and Artist of today’s record Industry is concerned, here is how you are viewed by the 3 remaining major labels.

Think of it as an interview or background check a company can do on you now. They can look to see if you have a web presents,, website, Myspace,(yes I said it) Facebook fanpage, Twitter followers and any of the multitude of other social media sites available for you to make your presents felt and known to the world,  that’s who your immediate audience is, along with any lists you build for future upsales, (Hint Hint) with the Internet, you now have immediate worldwide connection.

They want to see if you care enough about your career as you would like for them to.  Like Ms. Jackson said, “What have you done for yourself lately”. R Major label deals a thing of past? this is up for interpretation by the knowledge few that are left. Are there as many people or would be artist being signed today as yesteryear, seems like a more fairer question,the answer is a flat out NO! and that’s not necessarily a bad thing because a lot of  artists got burned during those times and that’s why you don’t hear from them today.

The Internet along with all the social media sites from the delivery to the distribution process like itunes, Spotify, Google Play, and so many others too numerous to list,  you will have to do your own due diligence, not only will that make you more informed but it will also give you knowledge that no one can take away, which will keep you in tight focus on your career and Brand movement, socially speaking. The major difference in a major and you the Independent Artist, is the cost factor they expend has to be recouped before you see a dime, But on the independent side of the new industry,  make a small investment into your self, and it will prove very profitable if you do it right.

Now before you say yeah well that’s sounds cool, but I don’t know the first thing on how to get started, What I say  to you is go right now and follow The “Silver Conductor” on Twitter,STOP! right now and DO IT! You see he gives out the best FREE advice as of this writing on the  subject I’ve come across, so there is no excuse really. Better yet read all of the articles and posts on his blog site:

You really have to come to the realization that you are going to have to get involved in your own hard work of making your musical career happen, it’s just that plain and simple in today’s industry. There are many of  yesterdays hit artists choosing and having to take this new route due to the ever changing landscape of the social media driven record industry. From a financial standpoint, the rewards are far more glorifying than that of yesteryear by far.

I know you see some awesome talent come through on the reality shows as well as you considering yourself as good as, but the real bottom line is the playing field has been leveled for anyone to Go For It! as long as you treat it like the business that it is and that’s putting it  as simple as I can.

When my dear friend The “Silver Conductor” worked with Earth Wind & Fire, and many other top major recording artists,says that musical directors across the country wanted him to give their listeners one good piece of advice they could use to help them on their journey in the industry, his answer that has become a staple for what he tells anyone wanting to make it in the new record industry, and that is: “Learn the Business of the Business you are in”. Did you get that, reread it if you have to,but GRASP the understanding meaning behind what is said please!

Yes they are giving a few major label deals out to the winners and some of the runner ups on these shows, but with a very stiff price in tow. The advantage is that the label won’t really have to do to much advertising because they the contestants are being seen and advertised to millions on a weekly basis which is 2/3 the battle. Thus creating i.e. Twitter, Facebook and all things social media engaging.

So I guess in closing, R Major label deals a thing of the past? yes and no, but I can say this, if I had the choice in front of me,I’d go Independent every time,why? because  being in control of my life and not someone who thinks they know what’s best for me and my career, are far more important, those slave contract days are over to the smart and wise.


Nuwri Ghostleaf


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