No More Record Industry

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf


Say it ain’t so, No More Record Industry? as we once knew it, full of major labels with 20+ artists on their roster, new signings almost weekly, A&R departments that made sure new artist were ready for the big time. Where oh where has our industry gone, oh where oh where can it be? Do you know?

With article after article spelling out Doom and Gloom, how can we ever bounce back and survive. Well never fear music lovers, we will always have music in our society and the world for that matter, it’s too vitally  important for all of us including the animal kingdom, imagine for a moment “Life without Music” 

The new digital industry is one of the main reasons why it will be here as long as we have the internet which quite frankly runs almost everything in the world as we know it. Even though there is still facets of the old industry like say vinyl,which  is making a small comeback so it’s being written about, but not to the degree as days of old. If you stop to think about who it is that owns turntables, the market can’t be that large other than DJ’s. The youth movement of ipod owners and downloads, Free, paid for and pirated, who really uses turntables today?

Even the way music is being recorded today by musicians themselves has changed, from very expensive big named studios to in home studios with the ability to produce the same quality. We now live in a world that is fan friendly, musician friendly and most of all, digital in your face friendly. From hundreds of platforms to Download, Stream, Share and with friends and many more, yes the  No More Record Industry as we know it, is no more!

The where we buy music has changed dramatically, the brick and mortar stores are all falling by the way side with only the few mom and pop stores so spread out far and few in between that you blink you miss them completely. Walmart, Best buy, Target, Starbucks and maybe a small handful I can’t even think of still allow hard copy cd’s for sale, that is were we are as far as the old school record industry is concerned.

Never fear as a musician, this means that we control our own destiny now through this new beautiful medium called  Social Media, it has really given us what we have craved for as musicians for decades, Freedom to Do It Our Way. Take full control of what’s  yours and Go For It! Now for some that might be a little scary having to not be held by the hand a being told what to do, when you can do it, and  if they (the majors) actually decide to live up to their side of the agreement or just let you become another corporate tax write off. Harsh to even think about but very true in every since of the word, how do I know, I’ve seen it  happen to very promising acts and musicians who are far more talented than those hitting it big today unfortunately.

If you are lucky enough to be in the right place at the right time, meet someone who can take your music aspirations to the heights you’ve always dreamed of, Be Ready!  it’s called when the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Well I honestly wish you luck but I prefer to be my own boss and not a corporate slave as Prince once wrote on the side of his face to bring the point home to his once major label Warner Bros.

Frankly speaking, you are your own label and now must wear all the hats that used to be there to make it happen, it’s just a different animal that all musicians can handle with the right understanding of the digital portion that is before us and will be here until the end of time as we know it. Yes there is a learning curve you must learn, but that’s the way it is with anything new in your life you are not familiar with. Is there an alternative, if you have the finances, you could have all these tasks done for you so you can concentrate on being creative, but trust me you want to get know this social media game even just the basics, it’s not as hard as it may seem.

Is this a hoax or a joke? “No More Record Industry”   it’s been around for 7,8,9 decades if not longer? how can we let such a national institution with so many contributions to not just our country’s well being but countries worldwide. Artists from all over the world have come here to become international superstars and vice versa for artist from America. Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Adele, Justin B. to name a few. From dentist offices, elevators, seaworld, animal kingdoms, restaurants, sports events, presidential elections, the list is practically endless when we are speaking of the effects and the needs of Music.
Music sweet sweet music, what would you do without it? hard to imagine uh? What about those that create all this wonderful ear candy, the musicians, with all the digital platforms like Spotify,, Pandora, Rhapsody and many many others, yes these companies though they are providing songwriters and musicians a digital way for people to get today’s music, they are taking in millions while the content creators are receiving pennies on their musical compositions, the thought of “No More Music” or “Occupy” the record industry is not to far off from a reality if things don’t change.

Just keep in mind all the music you listen to, and hopefully are buying legally, was written by a real live person (musician) who has a family to feed. The new Motown’s as I like to call us Independent Artists, are the one’s who benefit the most if things stay fair with this new digital industry, by way of continuing to bring you great music and having you grow  with us a consumers and fans, but yet still providing you with that which you are accustomed to receiving Great Music.

it’s not a “No More Record Industry” movement it’s just that we needed a:



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