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by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Oh no say it ain’t so. A NEW MUSIC INDUSTRY LOW . Now this really sucks! In all my years writing about this wonderful business, this is saddening to hear and see. I wrote an article about what life would be without music, the response was shocking that so many of you said it would be like dying not that you’ve experienced it personally, but the feeling I guess would be like it is when you lose that person who was the absolute closest to your heart. I know from persona; experience several time s over.

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We could cover a wide range of reasons on why what seems to be a system failure in the music industry everything from the labels and it’s “Let’s just give them anything because they (music buyers will eat anything) attitude”. or the fact that women Auto-tune may have killed the industry and now the smarter than you realize public is getting hip to the fact that artist aren’t really singing at all with a few exceptions, it’s mainly the Frozen few who know who the y are.

I should have said this at the beginning of this article and I promise i will from now on as a literacy and literary disclaimer of how I communicate with our readers. I’m not trying to write for the Washington Post or the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal, this is for those who say just give it to me like I hear and feel it in then real life arena. If you are looking for that then go there if you know what I mean. If not then stay and soak in what I’m sayin.

Okay where was I? Ok here we go, The sex in the industry could that be a big part of the problem, all the different artists who’s attitude they can’t touch me I’m bigger than Life mindset, meaning I got BIG mon$y and that makes me untouchable, WRONG ANSWER! Or the women not all, but most, showing everything they have to offer leaving very little for the male and nowadays female imaginations to fantasize over. Oh don’t get me wrong I’m 1000 percent into women, I say “Live and Let Live”.

Jennifer Lopez - Booty ft. Iggy AzaleaJennifer Lopez – Booty ft. Iggy Azalea
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With videos like this enticing your appetite for lust, why would I want to buy your music, I’m looking for the pole so I can as they say “Make It Rain” up in here. Didi I really just go there? well if the facts fit, insert where appropriate.

People this is a very serious issue we are covering here, whether you are an artists or just a music buyer, your opinion and how you feel matters for you are the final judge in all matters whether you realize it or not. With this industry in it’s spiral down fall as we know it, not only will the recording artists suffer but shall we. Imagine for just a short moment NO MUSIC. it’s almost hard to imagine right? We literally would want to survive, I didn’t say couldn’t because you can do whatever you set your mind to do your body will follow.

Just try to sitting through a silent movie, I can hear most you now using some of that so ever popular vernacular WTW? Aw H*** Naw! kicking and cursing up a storm. Your iPhone is ringing, no it’s not I know you can’t hear because their are no Ringtones any more Oh Sh**! Now ya feelin me here. A world without music is unfathomable to most of this millennial generation of No Way thinkers. That’s why A NEW MUSIC INDUSTRY LOW  is not good at all.

It’s said that no news is good news, well I’d have to disagree in this case, Music is such a part of our everyday culture that even the animal kingdom would suffer. The soothing sounds that help heal patients in hospitals dentist offices elevators sports events and so on and so the list is on going. This is a much bigger problem than just saying it will be ok though that is a comforting though to have we have to be realistic.

With all that’s been made available to artists like Youtube,Twitter,Facebook,Google,Pinerset,Vines,Google+,Instagram, how could this be happening, well people like I said “Only You can Prevent Forest Fires” and this is a mighty Big fire. even the hit reality shows are taking a hit, The Voice, American Idol, So You Think You can Dance. no one is immune to the low.

Oh I almost forgot one of the if not the biggest inventions that we all grab before leaving home i mean faster than our keys and that would be what? Your Cell Phone, iPhone 5 6 7 8 whatever number you have and let’s not forget the Android users. The world is literally at our finger tips so I know we can help this industry we all love dearly so Let’s!

I just wanted you to be made aware of this so that you can do your part in helping out, Don’t download pirated music, support independent recording artists like my dear friend The “Silver Conductor” who says in his hit song “Change Up” the lyrics tell the story. Get it today on iTunes, you’ll be glad you did.

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