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Music’s Racial Divide, What?

By: Nuwri Ghostleaf

WTW? (what the what am I saying or talking about, Music’s Racial Divide, What? no not in the record industry, music is the universal language of Love Peace and Harmony so we all have been led to believe right? well friends let’s look a little closer shall we.

“One Love” as Bob Marley’s song sings aloud to the masses, and John Lennon’s “Imagine” great messages depicting the world we would love to have and truly what is if the powers that be would just let it manifest, but that’s not economically shall we say profitable. How this all relates to music being spoken of in the since of RACISM, we have to go back to the beginnings of music categories on the music charts like you would when you think of the census being taken to tell the untruth of why they are being taken in the first place. Most people don’t think past what they are going to have for dinner let alone charts and the beginnings of things, but let’s just dig further into the past.

Music’s Racial Divide,What? is simply that, a division like all other barriers that have been put in place to keep the people you and I divided and basically at odds and it’s been going on not just in this country but world wide. Why do you think it’s so difficult for other artist to break through into the American music market as opposed to say the Japanese music market who openly excepts foreign artists faster than most all other countries.

2013 biggest break through was a Korean artist:

PSY- Gangnam Style (Official Music Video)PSY- Gangnam Style (Official Music Video)
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Not only did he bust on the scene in the Biggest way possible like a BILLION + youtube views and millions of downloads and kareoke knock offs, he made BANK $$$$. Will he top that no way that was once in a lifetime happening. He’s moved on to featuring other artists like Snoop Dog or whatever he calls himself these days for some keep my career alive support, not hatin just stating facts because that’s the nature of the new social media record business. One and done for most.

Ok I know what you’re saying, how does this relate to or better yet what does this have to do with Music’s Racial Divide,What? Since music is the language of love and the universal connection regardless of language it’s being sung in, like on American Bandstand and Soul Train shows, if it has a groove and you can move to it,it has a catchy hook, than BAM! we love it. Radio plays it, creates the demand for you the buying public to run to the stores (back on the day) to buy it, but the thing people are really paying attention to because it’s been in grained into the American mindset that the categories for music is separate the different styles not the color of the musicians performing it, that’s why Charlie Pride’s face wasn’t put on his LP coves for along time because the label wanted to sell records not scare away the mind fed racist public (white country music fans) that that was black music artist. WHW? (what the what)

Soul, R&B, Country, Jazz, Swing, Classical, Dance, Rock, Punk Rock, Alternative, Rap, Hip Hop, Blues and a plethora of other new segregated categories that are being masked by the titles have surfaced to help continue the separation. Why do you think there are so many awards shows today, in case you haven’t been keeping up but complaining constantly about it, is because very little recognition was being given to the most deserving artists, so the creation of new awards shows have been put in place to honor  those being discriminated against.

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As you can see it comes in many different forms sadly and still to this very day exists. so say white artist are trying to be soulful black artists,while black artists are trying to do the cross over thing. Speaking of cross-over, tat was the cover up for not playing black r&b music back in the early days of this explosion of music and radio to the real masses. Minority artists were told to their faces to go make with your own people first then we will consider playing your kind of music to our audience on the pop side radio, when all that was being said was that we don’t want your music or your dollars until they woke up one day and said wait a minute that music is selling in the millions, Thank  God for Barry Gordy and Motown records.

Even though unnamed black writers of many of the white artists hit records were being played bought and loved were never and still to this have gone unrecognized, the fact that Music’s Racial Divide, What?seems to have simmered a little, it still is alive and well.Thank  creative minds for the internet, this has given those willing to take on the challenge of independent statehood, something musicians Black and White and others have had attorney’s negotiate long and hard for is now a click away, regardless of any racial barriers. “If it’s to Be It’s Up To Me” attitude will prevail if you do the work.

Ok this subject will always be if “WE” don’t stop hatin and start Lovin each other again unconditionally. Just always remember that you are the final judge in all that you do when it comes to spending your money on the music grooves that you’re feelin, so let no one tell or convince you other wise, you are being conditioned enough just wake up and smell the Racism and “JUST SAY NO!”


Sincerely, Nuwri Ghostleaf


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