Feb 01

The Silver Conductor | Nuwri456 New era music Legend?

Here’s a Bold statement, I predict god willing, The Silver Conductor will be a presents in an Industry dying for something or someone Positive. If you go back through the sands of time, (musically listening) you see that artist  like EWF, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Barry White, the Motown acts, music Real music of the yester year era was a time and space of  Uplifting musical messages. with the current generations one has to look real hard for the stand out artists that will be remembered as of those I just mentioned. I firmly believe The Silver Conductor is one of those artist. The Digital Industry and all of it’s exposure to the world market advantage,an artist really just has to be Smart and Innovative to say: I am Here and I have something Real to say.

  1. Can new aspiring artist make it in the new digital Industry?
  2. What does it really take to make it today?
  3. Does anyone provide help for wannbe artist, besides AI (american idol)

Answers to all these questions coming in the very near future, so keep checking this blog often, tell a fellow musician that there is help on the way with an Underground Technique that’s ABC simple to follow with all most 100% Guaranteed successful results.

Know who Loves you, Nuwri456

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