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Music Sales or Fans?

Music Sales or Fans?

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf
Before I begin, let me make this perfectly clear.I write strictly from the heart and the majority of the time straight to the point,depending on the subject matter. I’m not trying to win a literary prize for I know those awards mainly go to writers who’s ambitions are New York Times Washington Post Wall Street Journal kind of honors.
With all due respect to ALL eyes that see read and hear this,no disrespect to your intelligence,I just want to have Written Verbal Conversations with you as the friend I see you as.Sincerely: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Do you watch the Grammy’s? what does it mean to you when you see some who are deserving and some who are very questionable? I know it’s a matter of opinion but let’s be real, when you see articles that say the Music industry is fake, you can’t help but look and think those remarks are being directed at some of today’s so called artists.

Music Sales or Fans? which do you feel are driving what’s left of a once $32 Billion dollar May Bach RR vs a $15 Billion + digital mobile (hint hint) industry?

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These cars cost more than you’ll probably make in your working career yet it is the Fan who supplies the finances for the stars you see in the videos you religiously embellish with your barely making it incomes. What is my point you might be thinking now, well let’s get to the meat ok.

If you feel that the Music you are getting is worth it to you, then keep on keeping on with the support you are providing. In an industry starving for the reason on why sales have slumped to all time lows in comparison to days of yesteryear, the real question for young and old in the business is, are we looking for just sales, fans or providing Great music that will be remembered for ever?

The game has changed so dramatically that confusion seems to be the next best way to describe what direction the business is heading in. Maybe it’s me but I can’t help it by what I’m seeing when it comes to how the manipulation of music categories and what and who they are allowing to take over certain genres of music just like the hair and styles that have been stolen but labelled as not FUBU but WE2. (ya’ll will get that later on when you think hard enough).

What this is all boiling down to is Music Sales or Fans? will be a matter of artists choice in the right now future. What’s most important to you if you are an established artist or a wannabe trying your best to decide.It use to be called selling out back in the day, but what does that really mean today? FI (f*** It!) I’m gettin mine and I could really careless on what people say and that includes you too the FANS that pay for it all.

The Internet Google Youtube Facebook Vines Twitter Linkedin iTunes Spodify Beats Bose and a whole host of others that are jumping on the let’s milk these cows dry by any means necessary (who do you think the cows are?).

Wake up and smell the digital people, you are and always have been the power source in ALL THINGS CONSUMERISM. With the engagement factors of Social Media, You have the Real Power. Love those artists who really and  truly Love YOU The FANS.

As my dear musician friend The “Silver Conductor”  says in his hit single “Change Up” we ALL can learn something from what the lyrics are saying. The real moral of this article is where do you stand as an artist in what you are trying to achieve in the industry, is it Fame Fortune or just a record deal so that the world will finally get to hear your inner musical creations.

Since the industry is changing almost on a daily basis, my advice would be for you to do all the due diligence and research on the coming trends not just in music and record industries, but the Mobile (hint hint) industry, the Internet marketing and ALL things Social Media industries, It’s all connected now through the engagement with the bottom line source providers,The FANS.

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