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Music Music “OFF THE WALL”

Music Music “OFF THE WALL”

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Does that beginning sound familiar by any chance? well it should why because it comes from a very familiar childhood story. I’m not going to remind you it’s “Obvious” as my dear friend The Silver Conductor would say.

Today’s Music Music “OFF THE WALL” is becoming more and more difficult to truly find likable music without sounding like the last song you just heard which is sad, songs like Michael Jackson “Off The Wall” were classics that made real music lovers of all genres say YES! I can Dig It!.

Michael Jackson - Off the wallMichael Jackson – Off the wall
Michael Jackson – Off the wall.


In the new record industry liking the music and methods of the way people buy music is becoming a chore that’s not envious for any music lover just read: “I purchase music rather than stream it because I want to hear what I want, when I want, in the order that I want when I’m consuming music on the go. Streaming does not work well for air travel and sports. And I’ve had issues with the cell carriers and consuming bandwidth, not to mention reception issues.” got that from a secret source music lover who was responding to the record industry as a whole.

Do you agree with what is being said by the great and very beautiful Glady’s Knight in this article:


Knight, who rose to prominence in the early 1970’s as the front-woman for the Motown sensation Gladys Knight and the Pips, opened up about some of the young artists that are attempting to break into the music business today.

“I don’t envy them, coming through the industry at this time because it’s a totally different industry. It is money-driven. It is power-driven. They would do anything to get famous,” Knight said. “We came through with a moral value, an integrity value, and a great love for what we were doing. So it helped us to do the things that we needed to do to be better. We didn’t have to be on the cover of every magazine, we didn’t have to be doing something dramatic just to get some attention. We let our talents speak for that.”

The 70-year-old songstress undoubtedly opened doors for some of the current reigning R&B divas, including Beyoncé, Jennifer Hudson, and Alicia Keys. Knight says these ladies are “doing the best that they can,” but she needs female entertainers as a whole to “stand up” and do better.

“They’re doing the best that they can… you have to look at the fame and fortune that they have… as long as they mix in the great talent portion of it, then that’s the road they they have to take in the industry these days,” Knight said.

“But how far will you go with that? That’s what saddens my heart. We were taught to dress respectfully for our audiences…did you hear me say dress? Not take it off, put it on. I’m just disappointed with all of that. But there’s a way to present your gift… if your a singer, make sure you do that.” (click here to read the entire article)

The ins and outs of this industry is are not really to much different than yesteryear just a whole lot faster paced with the social media aspect. Revenue is down but that’s happening in all industries wit an exception of a few. You as an artists have to make up your creative side and as late night show host Arsenio Hall says “Let’s Get Busy” or maybe he used to to say that, but he was one of the first to jump on the Music Music “OFF THE WALL” campaign, we thank you AH 🙂

We here at like to think of ourselves as modern day tell it like it is article writers with very little Explicit vernacular whenever possible. Even though that seems to be the norm of what the powers that be want you to except (hint hint) I’m sure that’s why Ms.Knight was saying what she said during her interview above.Taking in to account that no we don’t profess to be scholarly article technicians, just people who have something to say and hopefully shed light on many different subjects music related yet sometimes politically.

What are we to do as music lovers and buyers, be smart and make your own decisions on how and what you spend your money on. Think about ALL your choices not just music but everything pertaining to all aspects of your life.



Nuwri Ghostleaf

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