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Is Your Music Mobile Ready?

Is Your Music Mobile Ready?

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

With the massive changes going on in the music industry, things are moving almost as fast as a viral video. You as a musician have to keep up with it or get left in the proverbial dust of yesteryear. Is Your Music Mobile Ready? is a direct reflection of how a Millennial buying audience reaches for their cell phones before they have keys in the hand to leave their homes?

This trend is not going to slow down anytime soon according to sources all throughout the tech world and the internet. We are not just talking here in the US, but world wide. We live in a world economy people WAKE UP!

Life is happening at the speed of the next Tweet if you haven’t noticed. Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest, Google, Youtube, and all other forms of social media have shrunk our once vast global ball down to a mouse click away from anyone or place in the modern world connected.

Music being one of the main connectors, our listening device of choice is fast becoming the Cell phone. From ringtones to personal private party selected songs of ID choice. Oh that’s my mother hold on I have to take this call. :mrgreen:

Our Cell Phones, Ourselves – The New Atlantis
Today, more people have cell phones than fixed telephone lines, both in the … far from a prominently placed row of phones, demonstrating their importance at …

Chinese city creates special lane for people glued to their ...Chinese city creates special lane for people glued to their …


This is very serious business from a money stand point as well as how it effects you the musician. Here’s how it does. Whether you record your music in a home studio or at a professional paid hourly studio,  the end result question: Is Your Music Mobile Ready? The importance of this is the audience will be listening to your end results on a mobile device more often than not. Hand held devices i.e. ipod, iPhones 1 through  infinity, tablets, Kindle devices, Nooks you name it, are the today choices at least 85 to 95% of the time because of the microwave society we live in.

• U.S. cell phone owners: phone used for listening to music in 2013 …
48 percent of all cell phone users used their phone to listen to music. … Statistics. Access to 1 million statistics – ready to use in PPT, XLS and PNG. …. Global mobile phone shipments from 1st quarter 2009 to 1st quarter 2014 (in million units).

I found this interesting video about Cell phones…

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Ok now back to the article at  hand. Your mixes, what are you listening through? conventional monitors, Event 20/20’s, Yamaha’s, KRK’s, Beat headphones? with so many different options, I’m sure there are a many engineers saying they will never get it right. Funny my musician friend The “Silver Conductor” who has a very interesting picture posted all over his studio that says ” WHO REALLY CARES HOW THE MUSIC SOUNDS “ which is the caption above the chimpanzee in the picture.

I find that interesting because in the final analysis, only the real trained studio ears know the real difference. The buying public which has and still is being dumped down by the wizards behind the curtain purposely, can keep being fed the denigration of what is being called music, and by all means an entire generation of lost souls that feed off of it, not fully aware that they are being fed to the lions. That’s another article all by it self.

Bottom line you are going to have to find what works for you by trial and error. If you are a DIY (do it yourself) at home artist, do the like  the pros and listen on every device you can, especially earphones, iPhones, Androids, and all hand held devices that are sold to the public. It is a matter of whether you get it right and sell your music to the world, or if it stays just a personal hobby for you family and friends.

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