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Music and Mayonnaise on Election Tuesday

Music and Mayonnaise on Election Tuesday

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

This has the makings of a very bad taste in your mouth especially if you don’t like Music and Mayonnaise on Election Tuesday. Well I know for some, it’s an “All Good” taste because it means change, it means new ways and add ons to old ways. It means so much to many but many different things to ALL.

I can hear you saying or better yet feel you thinking what does music and mayonnaise have to do with all this. It’s the difference in likes that I’m getting at, from music to liking mayo on your sandwich. It’s do you like Soul music better than Rock or Country, Blues over Jazz, Hip Hop over Raggae. Mayo on your toast on your vegetables, Stilettoes over pumps what?

All this while decisions are being made that will effect your and your families life for many years to come. The title simply suggests that either you like it or do something about it. People have put themselves out for you to have the rights of having Music and Mayonnaise on Election Tuesday.

When the Beastie Boys sang the lyrics “You Have To Fight For The Right To Party” (that includes ALL parties) they knew what was happening way back then.

That is the beauty of this country, even with all it’s very bad wrongs as we are losing our rights every election year, especially to what has been  done and still doing to it’s very “We The People” (hint hint) music and mayonnaise is so appropriate at this time in history because of the bad taste politics leaves in the mouth when you see and hear all the rhetoric, see all the money spent just to become part of the elite who make the governing decisions.

It’s sad that just an elected few make all  the decisions that you and I have to if you’re not Sovereign, have to live and abide by or suffer the imposing threats that are being silently implemented as you read this.

If I were to ask you what’s your favorite music, it would automatically bring a joyful happy feeling to your soul right? Ok fast forward your iPod and play the question who’s your favorite politician? YUK! like mayonnaise on your pancakes 👿

Now you are starting to really feel the message, no matter whether it’s music or mayo, you are gonna have  reserved feelings either way until a better taste and choice comes along.

We ALL have inalienable rights:

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See just like social media, so many choices Youtube Google Facebook Twitter Pinerest Linkedin Spodify oh wait a minute, Taylor Swift the biggest thing going in the music industry is not using this streaming service, oops My Bad.

That’s not even really touching the surface of the internet use. Music and Mayonnaise on Election Tuesday means more than just sit back watching and hoping everyone else makes the right decision for you,You have to take and make the time to get out do what you need to do,it does make a BIG difference.

As bad and sad of a resonating affect politics has because of the many years of being lied to, we still should not just sit back and let things always be dictated to us without any say in matters, that should really put a sour taste in your mouth to want go “Do The Right Thing” and VOTE!

Ok before it’s to late and you miss your chance to be heard and felt in this election,let’s look back for a quick moment. Many a people have sacrificed dearly for you to still have a chance to voice your opinion on paper, so get up go right now and do your duty as a spirit energy entity, VOTE! In case you haven’t been watching all around you, your elected officials are chipping away all your rights and you either don’t care are unaware that’s it’s happening. If you don’t do it for you, do it for your children who won’t even have the chance to right all the wrongs all because you felt they weren’t  important enough for you to take advantage of what they might no longer have, because you chose not to VOTE! Go Go Now! VOTE!

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