Jun 21

Music Industry’s new Age limit, What the He _ _!

article by: Nuwri456

Ok so feel me on this, the Music Industry’s new Age Limit, What the He _ _! is to bring about an awareness of what seems to be the normal or forced issue upon the music buying public, that if you are over say 30+, you are really too old to be getting any real recognition for your musical contributions. Put another way, this game is for the youth due to the fact that they are the ones still fueling the music economy in the Hip Hop, Bubblegum auto-tune genres.

I beg to differ strongly. It’s constantly being written in almost every article that this industry is dead or dying, but contrary to belief, that is the furthest thing from the truth. Yes we are in a downloading legal and illegal era of time, and the four remaining majors are running scared so it seems when in reality, it’s just that the execs that have been in charge for so long had just refused to adapt to the rapidly changing digital industry of today. So Big brothers like Facebook, Google and others who made and embraced the fact that the buying public was saying this is so cool, I’ll just download my favorites in mixtape form and Bam! I got what I need for the moment until the next Justin B, or Lil’l W, or any of the young springs they decide to push extremely hard down our listening valves.

Dig, I’m not Hat tin, I’m just leading to the fact that the industry is not dead or dying, people, movies, elevators, You! will always need music whether it’s from a new young sensation off of one the many contest shows on and off television, or whether it’s from the deep catalogs of archived music we hear on old school radio.

This notion that the Music Industry’s new Age limit, What the He _ _! is something we all have to embrace is ludicrous, why? because their are many markets out there that older generations have and will always embrace from their love of that time periods music.

I look at the young generations of today and just wonder especially when I look at my daughters, what music will be the music of choice when it comes to their husbands trying to be romantic, picture this scenario, Baby I got something for you, oh yeah honey what’s that? (music in background) Hard core Rap! now what message is he trying to send, baby let’s go gang banging or ? you feel me on what I’m saying hear.

Barry White said it for us, Smokey Robinson, Marvin, just to name a few who put her in the mood and that was it like Teddy P, said,”Turn off the lights, baby come closer, tonite I’m in a romantic mood” not, B_ _ _ _H! get on the lollie pop, What the He _ _!

So if this, you’ve got to be young to be in the today’s music industry is were we are being forced to go, STOP! the bus now please.

Real music not what I like to call this instant soup microwave auto-tune forced fed stuff, just because it sells to a certain audience is the only music we the buying public wants or for that matter needs, will come form a wide range of artist young and old.

If the music industry is dying, imagine going back to the silent film era, do you really believe this catered generation would except that or better yet tolerate it? So in retrospect we have to do all that we can as music lovers to preserve all genres of the art as well as except music contributors no matter the age or genre, for it all is the fabric and glue that keeps us human.

Unfortunately most of the shows showcasing new talent has been geared towards the younger audiences where there is nothing wrong with that, but they are missing out and dismissing an entire generation of musicians and music lovers that write, produce and sing immortal music classics that have real meaning and long lasting musical value.

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I will be dropping some more info at you soon, so keep your eyes and ears open, Peace


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