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by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

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Okay before I set out to give you some dumb ass ‘BUSH’ shock and Awe, let me preference by saying MUSIC AND TERRORISM do not go together at all. Think about what is one of  the most constant in the world, it’s Music. We resort back to music for everything. Be it in religion schools libraries hospitals sports movies family vacations chillin at the park, even the ones doing all this senseless killing in the name of made up BULLSHIT! listens to music.

The world at large is truly under attack when you go after music. I know it was the innocent people in those venues who were the targets in the name of some Fucked up dumb ass belief. If they, those doing the bombing and shooting, just stop and really think about why they are doing what they do, they can’t even give you and answer that makes logical sense. So what are musicians popular or not to do now? Do we cancel all shows world wide?

Think about it, Music, Terrorism WTF! Shit does not make any sense. Even what they claim to be they’re reasoning makes no real sense. If you were to stop and say, Who am I doing this shit for? Because someone who doesn’t strap on the bomb vest themselves said so? You’re mad at the way certain governments are running the planet? well okay I’ll have to agree with you on that SHIT! I even do my due diligence to know that, that’s some FUCKED UP STUFF!

Before I get back to where I was going, let’s go a little deeper on that for a quick moment. The powers that be don’t really give a FUCK about what they consider as causalities of war. ISIS this is some made up shit just like a lot of the cover ups that are going on all over the planet. I know by now most of everyone has heard of the Illuminati, but do you know who they are? Heard of the “Shadow Government”? call it conspiracy theory if you want, but look around you, is this real life shit that’s happening? Damn right it is. Real lives are being lost. A power play so radical that cover ups are being used to distract the public at large from really finding out the truth about matters.

Okay that’ as deep as I will go on that, want more, do your own due diligence.

Keeping it real when you talk about terrorism, yes we all are sad by the shit that happened in Paris, but fuck the dumb shit, 2000 were killed in Nigeria and that shit is not good enough to make headlines. Again proving the point on what the powers that be want you know and see as important to them as well as distract the worlds attention else where.

There is no correlation other than the fact that ALL people love and need it, we have to have it, it’ the worlds real healing power. We are vibratory beings full of current electricity. Were you not paying attention in biology?So my word to the terrorist, think about why you are really doing what you do.It’s all just based on a belief you really don’t know has in your face validity. Killing innocent people is so wrong. I bet if you asked your leaders who tell you to carry out such crimes in the name of whoever, they would either have you killed or family members. Tell them you follow by example, let me see you do it and then maybe I will. I’ve heard it said become a matar and 74 virgins await you? Really now, that has to be a real incentive, you can have that here without killing anyone. So really rethink your reasons, not that you should even consider the shit in the first place.

This is so FUCKED UP, I’m using language I really don’t use but because of the nature of the content, I felt it needed to express it the way most are feeling it.


My Sincere apologies to anyone I may have offended in writing this post.



Nuwri Ghostleaf



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