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Mixing and iPhone 6

Mixing and iPhone 6

by Nuwri Ghostleaf

Now before you engineers and so called experts say WTW? Mixing and iPhone 6 no way he did  he mix his music on that and get a decent mix. Well before you Stop Look and Listen I suggest you re-think how you are doin what you do now days in your studio, we an array of speaker set ups for playback from KRK’s, Yamaha, Events 20/20 powered, JBL’s for that ghetto hit thang. But what made us ask the question of the moment was when my dear friend The Silver Conductor’s daughter came in playing music on her had to have iPhone 6.DAMN! sounded good.

Immediately we shot her an mp3 mix of the song we were mixing OMG what a difference, not to mention the fact that that is what most music lovers are hearing their music on from the ringtones to the auto-tuned madness.

iPhone 6 will adopt curved display, claims latest rumor - CNETiPhone 6 will adopt curved display, claims latest rumor – CNET


The industry has changed and so has the buyers people, we as musicians engineers songwriters and all other musical content providers Must follow suit or get left behind. Like the song said “Time keeps on ticking into the Future”.This is the future and the future is in the Now! Don’t get me wrong we do use the other systems in the studio but by far that was a wake moment.

Do you mix in mono or stereo? do you listen in ply back mode in both? well the new listening devices are in both so don’t cha think it would be a wise move to do the same if you aren’t already. with so many ways artists and labels are trying to stay up with the revenue game of a so call ailing industry, don’t make it harder than it already is. From a reported $32 Billion dollar a year business down to $16 Billion which by no means is chump change, but that is quite significant.

With the advent of the internet and social media, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Linkedin, Vines, Pinterest and the vast sea of worldwide audience connections, it’s only smart business to jump on board the Mixing and iPhone 6 train believe me you are going to get left behind if you don’t.

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