Jul 23

Mind set “CRITICAL” | FU _K,That!

guest post by: Nwuri Ghostleaf


As harsh as that title might be, Mind set “CRITICAL” | FU_K, That! it seems to be the norm of everyday vernacular amongst the youth of today, and  a lot  of adults as well. Commonly referred to as “Construction” site language. There  was a time when respect held the foreground of our society’s thinking, but now it is rare gesture by most, What happened? some would have you argue it’s the music we listen to, or the movies we watch, or better yet the books we read or don’t  (Kindle). Whichever it might be, we could be a society in social etiquette ruin.

Or maybe it’s just me? I come from an up bringing where the saying, “It takes an entire village to raise a child”  held true to its very core. All parents were on board when it came to respecting elders, and raising children, many from big families by the way. If you got in trouble at a neighbor’s house, you were in for double jeopardy of an ass whooping. Oops did I just say that? but it was true and rightfully so. Did it prove fruitful for the community at large, why yes, pregnancy, drug use, crime, truancy, and most of all RESPECT was #1 in family and community policy.

In today’s world, every other word is one of vulgarity and disrespect no matter who is near or around you, young or old. The culprits are sometimes shocking but most of the time not, seeing that society as a whole is settling for the mind set that it’s ok or cute, it’s bad and sad when you see major movie makers once humbling in their family friendly delivery of good wholesome films, stoop to this tactic just to get a point across to its audience, but using young children?, The only logical conclusion I could think of for this practice being allowed, is 1) The Bottom line dollar 2) It was the writer, whose personal inner belief that it just wouldn’t work any other way.

Which brings me to another very important subject, The Dumbing of America. Yes it’s true, it happens all the time,  still is and it will always be that way. “Keep a society or segment of it down, and you will always have control over that populace”. Ignorance of the law is no excuse, ever heard that before? even though there are literally 1000’s of law books. It just makes you wonder is this only happening here in America?

We seem to have a fascination with the ways of the British, more than almost 2 Billion people watched the marriage of monarchy, yet most Americans have forgotten that we once were at war with them, our countries’ forefathers broke away from the tierney and most died fighting for the Freedom of this great land even with its faults. I have been abroad, seen how others live and are deprived of the simplest of freedoms we so easily take for granted here.

Maybe it’s me, maybe not, but what I do know is that if the generations that will be having  this country’s future in its hand it doesn’t have a strong change of direction not only in their diplomatic behavior, but in its common sense social one as well, Mind set “CRITICAL” | FU_K, That! will not only be the norm but the socialized acceptance, are we headed to a future of our past by rule of equanimity? I fear Not!

The above does not reflect a stereo type of all races, age ranges or commonality in thinking or behavior, because contrary to belief, there are more good future leaders than there are bad.

Respect for self or lack there of ? Which one for President?

Until we meet again,

Nuwri Ghostleaf


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