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by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

What’s Experience got to do with MAKING IT IN MUSIC? well how about everything good if you are looking at a long career in the business where you will be remembered and mentioned in good conversation. The fate of the industry is in the hands of the now and future musical prodigies that are in the incubator stage of growth. The unfiltered clones if you will.

Looking into the future based on the current, only one word comes to mind BLEAK. The futures outlook is not one to be desire by younger generations as far as “Role Models” to look up to and follow go..Thank god for Youtube and the internet. They will be able to look  see and say WTW? (what the what) Some would use a more harsh description and verbiage, but hey we have all ages that read and take our content for the value that it provides,.With that said, let’s continue.

If you had to learn one thing to make it in this business, what do you feel it should be? now since I can’t see you or read your answers, You are gonna have to trust you. My recommendation is do like my dear friend The “Silver Conductor” says “Learn the Business of the Business you are in”. Why is this so important, it could be the difference between $25k and $500k a very valuable lesson learn the hard way.

Ok I take it back for our younger audience, the video has some ruff language that you might not wanna hear though I’m sure you’ve heard before but just not from this blog site. Please forgive e in advance but this gentleman speaks so much truth in what he’s saying EVERY musicians should take a listen so BE WARNED!

Music Business Plan - You want to make it in Music? Make a plan.Music Business Plan – You want to make it in Music? Make a plan.
http://lorenweisman.com/ – http://tag2nd.com/ – Music Business Plan – You want to make it in Music? Make a plan. An LW Music Business Consultant, Speaker & A…


Making the most sense I’ve heard in a long time. This is a business, the faster you realize this, the better your peace of mind will be in dealing with others when it comes to your plan of action. A cut throat industry from top to bottom and whomever has the strongest foundation will be the last artist  standing.

When I was thing of a title for this article my first choice was much too long so I narrowed it down to what you see above or right here MAKING IT IN MUSIC? I knew there would be so many directions I could take it and ,many different areas of the business I could cover but it would be about a 5000 word article so I’ve chosen to just keep it short and have you show yourself that if YOU do your due diligence on all there is to know and some, you will be the better for believe me.

From recording to promoting, it can and will be fun but best believe hills and mountains are gonna get in your way and your resolve will be tested only to find out what kind of metal you are made of but most of all, how bad do you really want this business not the fame and glory in giving your acceptance speech at the Grammy’s or VMA’s, but your how bad do I want this inner vibe self talking speech inside your head.

American Music Awards 2013 Ariana Grande's Epic Acceptance SpeechAmerican Music Awards 2013 Ariana Grande’s Epic Acceptance Speech


Will you be ready when the red light flash and the teleprompter is saying you have 10 seconds, they will go to commercial on you and that’s not cool. This known as the elevator speech. If you had an opportunity to run into some one like say Beyonce, Madonna, Adam Levine, Babyface, Pharrell, and you only had that short window to let them know you do what you do, would you be ready to somewhat impress? you better be it rarely but does happen so work on your just in case ok.

Justin Bieber Booed During Acceptance Speech - Billboard Music Awards 2013 - RecapJustin Bieber Booed During Acceptance Speech – Billboard Music Awards 2013 – Recap
Once again, Justin Bieber was one of the big winners at the Billboard Music Awards: after earning the Top Social Artist award and performing “Boyfriend” at l…


Just in case something this happens to you.

Understand people can be very unforgiving and ruthless regardless of your sincerity. Still want to be in this music game? well let’s check out a  few more shall we.

SPEECH - Pharrell Williams on receiving an award from GQ ...SPEECH – Pharrell Williams on receiving an award from GQ …
SPEECH – Pharrell Williams on receiving an award from GQ at the GQ Men of the Year Awards in London, England, UK on 9/3/13. Thanks for watching this video! V…


Being Humble is just plain cool.

Check this clip of Beyonce acceptance speech with daughter Blue Ivy, and JAYZ, WATCH JAYZ FACE AFTER SHE CALLS HIM BELOVED. Blue ivy dancing at vma.


Lady of the decade for sure. No matter what they write or say she has stood the test of time comparatively speaking. To for sure go down as one of the most prolific female artists of the modern Social Media Internet era. Facebook Twitter Youtube Intagram Pinterest The Voice American Idol, you name it she has  helped a lot of companies stay viable in an economy that needed her star power just like it did when Michael Jackson gave us “Off the Wall” and “Thriller”. Beyonce is that one today.

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So let me ask you, MAKING IT IN MUSIC?  is it still something you wanna pursue? Well roll up your sleeves, create that plan and Work It!



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