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Make Beats? that’s all? | What about Lyrics?

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Screw Lyrics – Make Beats! That’s What The Music Industry Wants!

By DeWayne White

I get enthused when new artists make beats. I’m not alone on this and truth be told, it’s the beat that brings us to a level in life (or at a particular moment) where we’re catapulted to a whole new mental world. I think to much to be hindered with lyrics. My lyrics are my thoughts. I brainstorm with heavy bass, snares, digital ticks and tweets playing in the background. “If it ain’t vibrating, I ain’t vibe’n.” This is important and I’ll explain in a sec.

So check this out. I mentioned up top, “a whole new world.” Seriously, that world exists only in my head. Am I mental? Hell’nah. Do I have issues – lol, hell’yeah! I’m a thinker. A dreamer. We rely on our thoughts to drive us into action. We trust in our ambition and we focus on it to guide us in that money making direction. Why am I rambling about this? It’s simple so pay attention.

I’ve been marketing in one way, shape or form for all of my adult life. When I embarked on a venture to open up a Hip Hop club, I started getting demo CD’s upon CD’s upon CD’s. I listened and listened and then listened some more. Most of them sucked. A few got my attention. But what they all had in common was to much diversity.

YOU need to choose an audience to cater to when you make beats and stick with it until your demo CD is complete. If it’s a Hip Hop beat your producing, then make a CD jam packed of them. If it’s RnB beats, then stick with that. I’ve heard some sick Rock Beat CD’s that blew me (and my investors) away! The point is, stick with what YOU choose and worry about other genres later.

Here are a few things that you want to avoid. First, do not have a bunch of lyrics on your tracks. Let the potential buyer who’s listening get into their own world and imagine what your beats can do for them. Second is quality. MP3’s are cool but their not studio quality. Nobody broadcasts MP3’s over the radio. Raw.WAV files is the way to go.

Third, like Kevin Liles says, is “Make it happen.” Kevin Liles was Def Jams CEO after Russel Simmons and Prior to JZ. I had a chance to sit with him one on one and I’ll talk more about that later at my site.

So let me leave you with “top of the food chain thoughts.” Lyrics and artists come a dime a dozen. The beats are hard to find. Stay focused, stay driven and stick with what you know. Make beats strategically and you will make it, I guarantee!

DeWayne White is an established entrepreneur and investor with strong marketing ties within several industries including the music industry. His site, HowToCreateBeats.com, is a project developed to assist and guide upcoming producers in the right direction. To make beats takes a mindset of its own. Visit the site how to create beats to learn a lot more!


What I’m feelin on the above: Stick to whatever your passion is, even though Beats are a main stay in today’s groove’s depending on genre, we will always need a Lyric or two thrown in to keep the mix and feel, Alive!

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