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Life without Music ?| Ah He_ _ Naw!

Life without Music ?| Ah He_ _ Naw!

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Update: 9/25/2014

A world without music is a world without a Soul. Life without Music?| Ah He_ _ Naw! can you really imagine in today’s times of Ipods, Ipads, Ringtones, Cellphones,Laptops,Dre headphones,$5k sound systems Boomin no sound at all? I mean really think about that for a minute (pause)——–ok, I know silence is good for all of us at one time or another, just to clear our heads and think, maybe to study, baby ‘s sleeping, headache, mom or dad needs the peace after a long day at work, or some just me time in silence ahhhh, but wait a minute, what about life without Rap, Jazz, Rock, Punk,House, HipHop,Grunge,Techno,HeavyMetal,Orchestra, Lady Gaga, Justin B. Eminem,Stevie Wonder,The Silver Conductor,JaneLife without Music ?| Ah He_ _ Naw!t Jackson,U2,The Rolling Stones,60’s 70’s 80”s 90’s all Music.

Now picture if you will, TRANSFORMERS in 3D silence, Youtube videos in silence, Halloween 28 in silence, the audiences of today wouldn’t be able to take it. Mass public out cry for music would be on every news channel, every radio station, every blog, every social media channel, not just in America, but an out cry Globally. Life without Music ?| Ah He_ _ Naw!

What about sports events, newscast theme songs, game show theme songs, remember the Jefferson’s ,” Movin on up, to the eastside” or the Flintstones, yaba daba dooo, you see music lyrically or musically,  has a huge impact on our society, so to keep allowing the illegal downloading of the glue that bonds us all in so many ways, will just bring about an inevitable musicians strike of creativity halt. Musicians have families too, and most of their livelihoods depend heavily on the music they create.

The Digital age is here to stay  along with all of it’s innovations, but let’s not let the very fiber of our vibratory existence suffer because of it. Let’s stand with the music makers who only want compensation for their works whether digital or other wise.

Like the drug commercials  that say “Just say No!” so shall we say no more to the illegal madness that’s taking place online, we have along way to go, but it can and shall be done or ————-(SILENCE)  Life without Music?|Ah He_ _Naw!

Nuwri Ghostleaf


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