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Lady Gaga cd sales down It’s over | No more Record Industry!

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Did you see all the articles of panic on google music alerts, all the blog posts? Lady Gaga cd sales down, it’s over| No more Record Industry! Well let’s look at a possible reason why they might be thinking and feeling this way. could it possibly be because that they were selling it for .99cents, the entire cd? What kind of Tom Foolery were they trying to pull. It’s already bad enough that people can go online and download music for FREE, and then one of the, if not the top main stream headliners is damn near giving her music away, not a single, but the entire album? What does that do for Independent artist, painfully if not kill any chance for a profitable livelihood at all. She Gaga has millions and from the way some articles put it lately, she is one of most profitable entertainers of the year. So of course Amazon and her label said why not? let’s try it and see, without or not really caring again about whom such a move would effect.

The Industry with all of it’s components is not going anywhere so relax people, see my post title below were I go into detail on the why. Could this generation of auto-tune music lovers do without music? a resounding Hell No! music is the fabric of life along side of family and finance. We are experiencing major shifts in the industry like how it’s delivered, the artist delivering it whether good destructive or bad, it always has and always will be about the bottom line $$$Dollar, no matter how you try and sum it up.

Yes there was the music Love era where music was a Free flowing vibe, not free to download, this generation couldn’t really give a Sh_ _! about that time period, maybe there parents or grandparents give a care, but today’s music audience, forget about it. Worst than that are the attitudes form such music lovers, Why buy? when I can get it for Free! it’s not my fault that Napster, Limewire and others (Lady Gaga and label) said you’re right,  musicians who create the music of the world don’t need to feed there families, all music should be free or close to it, What the He_ _ !

Question? do you really think that such a move of selling an entire cd for .99cents hurt Gaga? Hell No! the Big dollars were made on the back end (hint hint), they knew what they were doing when they came up with the idea, concessions were in the agreement you can best believe that, this is still a business of Profit Baby!

Okay so where do we go from here, with Prince saying the internet is dead, and Bon Jovi saying that ipods, itunes and Steve Jobs of Apple have killed or is  killing off the industry, what are we to do? Just relax as I said earlier, the industry ain’t going nowhere, it’s to important in our daily lives.

1) The internet is here to stay It runs the entire  world.

2) Ipods, Itunes, Ipads, Cellphones and Apple, have captured the entire generation that is actually keeping the industry afloat, so hold on to your not me mind set.

3) We all love and need music.

The thing I see what we can do as consumers, is be more vigilant in your purchases musically speaking,  anything destructive, don’t buy or let your children buy, it will send a message to the powers at the labels who are mass marketing this, stop and take a look at what they are really doing and that it is corrupting an entire generations mind set that perpetuates into what we are seeing in an already ruff and tuff economy unbelievable disrespect for self and others, the mind set of I got mind I don’t give a F_ _K! about you or yours, in fact I’ll take yours because I like it, What? I know some of you are cringing saying Wow! that is is harsh, yeah Harsh Reality.

Politically correctness is not the etiquette of verbal choice of this generation, and sadly mainstream society is starting to except swearing as a simpler way of expressing oneself  from Disney movies to politicians who want you to think they are immune from  it, but we know better 😉

What does all this have to do with Lady Gaga cd sales down it’s over| No more Record industry! It’s all inner connected, what we allow to just be the norm will become the norm no matter whom it hurts or destroys. If visitors came from another world to take over ours would you care? of course you would because this is our planet and our way of life that concerns and effects us all, we are in this together All races and religions no matter your personal beliefs, how down you are with ya homies, when it boils down to society as a whole, we care and we care deeply, because like it says in the good book, “Nor shall the meek parish under my eyes and will”, we must stand together in the end, hand and hand, side by side.

Let’s all just do the right thing.

Nuwri Ghostleaf

Until life brings us together again -Peace-

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