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Internet Streaming Spodify Platinum Billborad

Internet Streaming Spodify Platinum Billboard

by:Nuwri Ghostleaf

Confusing title or sign of the times? With something new happening everyday to add to the changes of our beloved industry I can understand why someone would have information overload. If you open your eyes widely enough, you will come to the conclusion that if you as an artist will have to adapt to these changes as fast as the changes themselves are taking place.

Before I begin, let me make this perfectly clear.I write strictly from the heart and the majority of the time straight to the point,depending on the subject matter. I’m not trying to win a literary prize for I know those awards mainly go to writers who’s ambitions are New York Times Washington Post Wall Street Journal kind of honors.
With all due respect to ALL eyes that see read and hear this,no disrespect to your intelligence,I just want to have Written Verbal Conversations with you as the friend I see you as.Sincerely: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Let’s take each one of these one at a time shall we. Internet Streaming Spodify Platinum Billborad.

First there came the Internet which is now woven into the very fiber of the world’s existence whether you are actively participating in it or simply by default. There is no real escaping it because it’s EVERYTHING we do consumerism. I hear an older generation saying I can’t do that so we as children siblings or parents are being taught by the generation called Millennials whose sadly every heartbeat is wrapped around woven into the entire fabric of the ‘Matrix’ called the Internet.

How the Internet Works in 5 MinutesHow the Internet Works in 5 Minutes
The internet is not a fuzzy cloud. The internet is a wire, actually buried in the ground. Computers connected directly to the internet are called “Servers,” …


Andrew Blum: What is the Internet, really?Andrew Blum: What is the Internet, really?
When a squirrel chewed through a cable and knocked him offline, journalist Andrew Blum started wondering what the Internet was really made of. So he set out …


Fascinating when you explore that what once was only available at the library in millions of books, is a click of a mouse away, the world is truly at your fingertips literally.

Streaming aw that Red Hot topic that is supposedly Killing the music industry. Depending on who you ask, this is one of the contributing factors that’s hurting the industry. The content that makes these companies millions of dollars where the content creators get the smallest share of the revenue pie that they are keeping in the oven of music buyers, is a sad disproportionate amount considering that the delivery to those ovens is a very simple point and click process now.

What is Streaming?What is Streaming?
Streaming is everywhere nowadays but what exactly IS streaming?


OMG! Spodify, this company is taking the road less traveld like say Napster perhaps? With major artists like Taylor Swift and Garth Brooks and others saying PAY the artists a more equal share, this could get  very nasty for Spodify.

Spotify: Music for everyone
Offers a desktop software to listen music by streaming with the possibility to create and share playlists.

I could spend a lot of time on this company but I’ll let you do your own due diligence, Find out why major artists feel they need to take all of their content down in more detail.

Platinum, for those who are not in the business, this is when an recording artists sells 1 million copies of a single song or cd (album) depends what era of the music industry you relate to the best. Many artists were selling these kinds of numbers weekly but because of  such companies like Spodify Pandora and others like the iPhone iTunes and so many others, those days seem to be numbered (no pun intended).

Though Taylor Swift did it, she was the only artists to do it. we are hoping that the buying fans realize that the industry they too love is hurting and no one really knows why, maybe they can give a loud shout out to what they feel the issues are. Could it be the music that’s being recorded? Should more old school artists release more? which seems to be a catching on trend as of late with the releases from AC/DC, GARTH BROOKS, KISS, AEROSMITH, BARBRA STREISAND, EARTH WIND & FIRE, and those are  just a few I can think of at the moment.

Billboard, this is the company that keeps charts of what’s happening in the industry just in case you are one of those that didn’t know this. In every genre and new that seem to be added monthly or whenever a new trend hits the streets.

Billboard Hot 100 – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Billboard Hot 100 is the American music industry standard record chart for singles, published weekly by Billboard magazine. Chart rankings are based on …

They also have a video charting arm of their company. They have been around for as long as music has been recorded I do believe if not don’t quote me. But they do play a very significant role in what’s played or added on radio. Their new challenge goes right along with the Spodify industry interruptions. How do they calculate and justify sells for certification online sells? Internet Platinum perhaps? I’m sure they’ll figure it out.

Is this all that’s wrong with industry Internet Streaming Spodify Platinum Billborad ? the answer is a resounding No! but we need to help fix it. Imagine life without it.

Whatever direction this great industry takes my dear friend The “Silver Conductor” on his hit single “Change Up” says take heed people take heed.

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