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Internet Music vs Traditional Radio


By: Guest writer: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Good morning to all you groovy listeners on Internet Music vs traditional radio, today is the day we settle the debate of whether you like Old School or New School when it comes to this thing called music. The Rolling Stones, or One Direction? I can hear you saying it now, WTW? that’s no comparison, Really? when it comes to how music is being delivered today, many would beg to differ. Yes I know there are many factors to be considered when you look at the record industry as a whole and the many different avenues of yesterday, but with the Internet Music vs Traditional Radio, a new animal has arrived that has many so called experts of the industry crying wolf that the sky is falling.

Social Media like Youtube Facebook  Twitter and many more online Villians, itunes,Spotify just to name a few, have truly brought about a paradigm shift that is being called the new order of all things music.

Music Industry Predictions: Labels, concerts, licensing and more

We know that if you aren’t driving, don’t have a car, or live in a major urban center like New York City, YouTube has become the destination for listening to music. Pandora and Spotify both have fairly robust internet radio

Ask yourself what do you listen to your favorite music on nowadays, iphone,ipad, in your car sirus or traditional radio? I think you see where I’m going with this.

Is this a good thing? well it depends on who you ask, For Independent Artist, It’s what they have been looking for all these years through attorney’s fighting for their rights to just be artists.

The Changing Face & Sound of Music | Bench and Bar of Minnesota

Piracy, file sharing, and CD burning together with digital music delivery have caused this decline. We now listen to music on the internet, MP3 players, smartphones, satellite, cable, and digital radio. The traditional music

Now don’t get me wrong or think I’m a hater of any particular form, I just  see a big shift in mindsets of today’s music audiences. And before you go thinking I’m not sensitive to the different genres of music or the age,ethnic background, social status, ALL the different accounts that go into the targeting of a music audience. With the advent of social media and it’s innovative pastures of streaming milk made Millions, one could say that maybe this new digital industry is good for those with the deepest financial pockets to corner the 1and 0’s universe of Internet Music vs Traditional Radio real estate.

As fascinating as this Billion dollar industry is, it’s still a prejudice payola ran entity. As for the Indie artist who’s livelihoods almost solely depend on the internet side of this digital era, their should be a more in debt consideration for those who’s creative works are the very fuel that keeps both the Internet Music vs Traditional Radio on the air waves and on the band width, no matter how large or small.Pandora: Pandora and Artist Payments

Congress must stop the discrimination against internet radio and allow it to operate on a level playing field, under the same rules as other forms of digital radio. Making performance fees fair for internet This is a great post, and it sure sounds unfair to me (though I wonder whether it might be fair for Pandora to pay a bit more than traditional radio, because it’s somewhere between traditional-format and music-on-demand). But there’s one disturbing thing in what you

Coalition Launched to Lobby Support for Internet Radio Bill …

Internet radio providers such as Pandora and traditional radio stations that simulcast music over the Internet complain that they pay much higher royalty rates than cable and satellite music providers. Broadcasters, however

Internet Music Does a Number on Traditional Listening Habits …

Internet Music Does a Number on Traditional Listening Habits. Posted on Changing trends in music listening habits finds Internet radio and on-demand music services growing at the expense of CDs and AM/FM radio.

Ok I could go on and on, but like it’s said,”A person convinced against their will,is of the same mindset still”. I’m not trying to sway you one way or the other,  just making you aware of this you as a listener and reader who listens, that the behind the scenes, your favorite artists and those who are not so famous, would just like you the Final Judge in ALL things and matters consumable wise, to just be an informed consumer. Give those whom you’ve never heard before because of the politics of the industry, Internet and Traditional, just maybe you might become a fan of those whom you never would have experienced, all because you chose Internet Music vs Traditional Radio and found what you had been looking for along on both.


Nuwri Ghostleaf a guest writer of this blog with very insightful narrative.

MusicLuv to ALL.

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