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Hotter than July? Well Summers here, Music is to blame

6/1/2013 by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Music is to blame? Hotter than July? Well Summers here,Music is to blame. I found that very odd to use as a title but that’s what he wanted. Who am talking about? the one and only Mr. Robert F. Brookins, check him out on Youtube, an amazing talent that went from the streets of his hometown neighborhood that spawned many famous professional athletes, but very few musicians that made it to the heights he accomplished in his short 46 years of life.

Being the main inspiration for the music master piece by his brother better know as The Silver Conductor, one listen and you’ll see feel and hear his influence in the family genes. Living up to his promise of “Keeping Soul Alive” the last words he spoke, The SC says “For you I will do”.

As I write this I’m listening to the music of Mr. Robert F. Brookins whose biggest hit was a remake with Ms.Stephanie Mills of the very popular remake  “Where is the Love” by Donnie Hathaway and Ms.Roberta Flack, back in the day. What a voice and talent he was.

10 years as co-lead vocalist and musical director for Earth Wind & Fire, he went on to write produce and perform with many well know recording artist. Type his name in Google search or Youtube and experience this unknown but widely talented entertainer, musician, producer, father but most of all loving brother.

Who am I and why am I featuring this gentleman, well let’s just say the world needs to just check out another golden jewel of a musician we lost 4 years ago.

Remember music is universal, and to be shared and loved by ALL.

I just wanted to share my love for music of someone not too many knew of but heard and danced to many of his songs he wrote and produced on many other artist you still groove to today, like Earth wind & Fire. With that said I leave you with the videos that inspired this article and gave him his wonderful career in the creative world of music.
The Silver Conductor on itunes, Facebook, Youtube, Hubpages, Twitter, Reverbnation Go download his grooves Now!
Robert F. Brookins

the Talent speaks for it’s self.

Until next time, Peaceful listening.




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