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Hey Musician, Do You Blog or have a Website?

Hey Musician, Do You Blog or have a Website?

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

What? I write music man I don’t have time for that. I ask again, Hey Musician, Do You Blog or have a Website? If you said no to that question, shame on you in a very big way. All musicians have to stop and realize that this the life blood of their business nowadays. Yes I know and can hear many of you saying but I don’t know anything about how to build or put together a website or blog in fact what is a blog?

Seriously? you can learn how to operate and navigate complex programs like Protools, Cubebase,Reason,Logic Cakewalk and probably many others Garage Band and beginner’s favotite, and many other recording software programs, but the simplicity of putting up a site, it’s so simple today that literally your baby sister or brother could do it. With social media and Youtube, YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE! In fact depending on what site software you use to do it, simple is to strong of a word.

The program of choice I’d suggest is WordPress. This by far is a god send, so user friendly that we do the majority of web work using it. Don’t get me wrong there are plenty of others like Weebly that’s not bad also free you just have to find your preference.Take the time to go through learning the simple terminology of what you’re doing and how to do it,before you know it, you will be making money putting together blogs or websites for $ (hint hint) for those who were just like you scared to even attempt it. How much does it cost?  we know most musicians have an immediate money crisis. It’s FREE! What? get out of here. You are going to here all about Hosting, Themes and other terminology that will be foreign to you until you investigate what they just said or what you just read meant, like all other things that are new to you, there will be a learning curve.

So I ask again, Hey Musician,Do You Blog or have a Website? there are even places like Facebook, Reverbnation and others that give you a presents online but with limitations. Always read the Terms and Conditions of everything you are going to agree to do or use EVERYTHING. The what is this how do I do this how do I know what’s good and what’s bad for my site(s) I say sites because you need a  presents all over the web. Yes this going to take sometime putting it all together but it is so well worth and besides unless you have money to have it outsourced and done for you, the knowledge you will gain from knowing how is priceless.

What’s the difference between a blog and a website you ask, good question 🙂

Blog vs Website- Understanding the Difference between a Website and a BlogBlog vs Website- Understanding the Difference between a Website and a Blog
http://www.build-your-website.co.uk- A look at the difference between a traditional website and a blog and when you would use a blog as opposed to a website.


This is going to be a matter of choice like all things, you just have to weigh your wants and options in a site. Check out other sites and blogs of people in the business, you will find some very elaborate sites and some not so just keeping it simple sites booth work it’s all in your message and music anyway. Take the time to check out the blog/site you are reading The Silver Conductor’s blog site. I love what he says in his hit song “Change Up” Do to do anything in this life we all need to set aside ego and do like the song suggests.

Sadly I heard a musician say he didn’t need one or a Facebook Fanpage, I politely asked why would you say that, his excuse was nothing to be desire for any artist in the industry called music. If all the corporations in the world have one who by the way spend millions on sites and advertising those sites to the rest of the world, but you wanna be so different so that no one besides family and friends know you exists, yet an online presents is not what you meed, good luck with that one buddy.

To go into detail would take more than the space I have dedicated to this article, I will point you in the right direction, it’s called YOUTUBE, anything and i do mean anything you want to know or learn is on youtube. In fact my dear friend The Silver Conductor does everything on his blog except write articles, he graciously let’s me and on rare occasions he will put in a very knowledgeable word or two. He put his blog together all by watching you guessed it, youtube videos.

Beyonce’ Jay Z, Pharell, Taylor Swift, Madonna, Rhiana ,Iggy, Niki M, Justin B, Justin T. Jennifer Lopez all the mega stars have sites whether blogs or sites, they understand the POWER of social media. Television networks, NFL NBA LPGA COCA COLA PEPSI MACDONALD’S PGA you name it. So why not you again? I think I’ve made my point loud and clear, Hey Musician,Do You Blog or have a Website? should be yes the next time we speak.

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