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The Future of Music is Old School

The Future of Music is Old School

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

With so much emphases being put on who is to blame for the crisis going on in the music industry, hardly anyone is searching for the answer to what or who will “Keep Soul Alive”. The Future of Music is Old School.

A real common misconception is that new music is going to save the industry when in reality, it’s the depth of “Old School” that is keeping the industry alive today. The catalogs of the established artists and songs recorded long ago are what’s really happening even today in the new social media record industry.

Before I begin let me make this perfectly clear.I write strictly from the heart and the majority of the time straight to the point,depending on the subject matter. I’m not trying to win a literary prize for I know those awards mainly go to writers who’s ambitions are New York Times Washington Post Wall Street Journal kind of honors.
With all due respect to ALL eyes that see read and hear this,no disrespect to your intelligence,I just want to have Written Verbal Conversations with you as the friend I see you as.Sincerely: Nuwri Ghostleaf

As much as I love what they the powers that be, are trying to do with Taylor Swift, Iggy A. and a few others, they can’t fill the void of the music, REAL music that true artists have given us.

The saying that ” What is old is new again” well it really applies to music. You hear old school in almost all the new music of today.The comparisons are all over. When sampling first arrived on the music scene, there was nothing truly original about it besides the artists you had never heard of or at least t he public at large hadn’t.

It’s really hard to imagine what the future love making music will be like. Where a lot of the millennials where conceived while the greats like Barry White Smokey Robinson Marvin Gaye Teddy Pendergrass Garth Brooks Donna Summer Whitney Huston the list is so good and so very long unlike anything available today.Old School Rules if that’s not taking a shout from the youthful vernacular.

Teddy Pendergrass - Turn Off The LIghts (Live 1982)Teddy Pendergrass – Turn Off The LIghts (Live 1982)
Live i


barry white - I'm gonna love you just a little bit more baby 1973barry white – I’m gonna love you just a little bit more baby 1973




When you talk about  music’s real life experiences of love making music, there really is no comparison from then to now, again Old School wins every time.

Just a quick comparison for you to think about. No old school artist EVER was able to lip sync because the technology didn’t exist. Playing the music with real musicians was a treasure like no other not downing DJ’s they have their place, but personally a small mistake let’s me know it’s real and not memorex.. Real old school minds know what I mean by that. 😎

In this new era social media record industry, the buying public has gotten wiser and very much engaged in almost all of the process of music and that could be good and bad. We live in a microwave society of wanting it now at the speed of Tweets with just good enough quality. Simple beats that require no real thinking to it which makes me hear that when dancers on AB (american bandstand) and Soul Train said, it has a good beat and you can dance to it, has been taken to a whole new level today sadly.

Like my dear musician friend The “Silver Conductor” says in his hit song “Change Up” take heed to what those lyrics are saying, well worth the buy.

Stop and think of how many times you’ve heard some one say back in the day, well that’s because what’s old is becoming new again at least in the ears of the new millennials, who is really the new school music buyers, just in a new technological age of distribution and listening devices the main culprits of choice,  iPhones or Androids the “New School”.

To move forward we have to look back at the past for references. The Future of Music is Old School. Why do I keep saying that, truth be told we all are old souls in new bodies.

Social Media platforms like Facebook Twitter Vines Instagram Youtube Google Google+ Linkedin Pinterest Spodify Pandora just the tip of the iceberg of life as we know it. Why do you think major companies use old school Heroes to sell their wares.

You can’t escape that the world needs old school everything even in the new school. So the bigger question now is why can’t “Old School” be the answer the industry is looking for to solve it’s new school problem? Just sayin.

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