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Is FREE hurting the Music Industry?

Is FREE hurting the Music Industry?

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

WTW? Is FREE hurting the music Industry? Yes says many independent artist and now some major artists. with super groups like U2 giving away their latest musical offering, how can fledglings from an indie stand point stand a chance.

U2 - With Or Without YouU2 – With Or Without You
Music video by U2 performing With Or Without You. (C) 1987 Universal-Island Records Ltd.


Unless you’ve been under a tree I know you’ve heard this big U2 hit among many others. I purposely chose this because it’s one of my persona; favorites. With millions of of waiting fans worldwide giving to gain won’t hurt their new found strategy to capitalize on the new marketing trend the current day. Take Beyonce’ when she dropped her cd:

Beyonce's Latest Album Release Rubs Mega Retailers the Wrong WayBeyonce’s Latest Album Release Rubs Mega Retailers the Wrong Way
Target and Amazon refuse to stock pop star’s CD after she sold album exclusively on iTunes.


It maybe the new trend for Superstars but for the little guy/gal as they are so affectionately called and referred to, this new trend will only hurt them depending on what you are after as an artist and independent record label.

The social media record business as my dear musician friend The “Silver Conductor’ calls it, likes the new level playing field as far as gaining notoriety building your audience through all the different mediums SM has to offer, but when you get top major illuminati controlled artists finding new ways to promote themselves the competition becomes very stiff with the millions invested and backing their efforts.

Don’t be totally discouraged though, there have been some breakthrough indie artists that should give you some hope of real possibility.

Top 5 Indie Pop/Rock ArtistsTop 5 Indie Pop/Rock Artists
Great music.



Top  New Underground Video Clip New hip hop rap music 2014 FEMALE RAPPERTop New Underground Video Clip New hip hop rap music 2014 FEMALE RAPPER Top New Female Hip Hop Artists Rap music, 2014 Rap music news,Rap music songs,Rap music toda…


Be advise they come from a real life sometimes HardCore street vibe so listen and relate at own risk. LISTENER ALERT ADVISORY, JUST SAYIN!

We could go by gender, genre and so many different areas of the music industry, I’ll just say do your own due diligence it’s far to wide spread for this article. back to Is FREE hurting the Music Industry? Many would disagree and say with streaming and illegal downloading, can it be stopped? are the artists getting a fair enough share of the revenue stream from these companies who seem to be  making MILLIONS off of content that’s not even theirs.

Yes there are decades of music to choose from but most money spending millennials only know of those songs through their parents grandparents and some even their great grandparents,only interested in the seasonal music and a few Beatles hits. So if the streaming companies are relying on what’s new to bring back the glory days of a once hyped up $32 Billion dollar music industry, they better change their pay out structure to a more balanced payout to the new content creators that’s bending the ears of those millennials who are 1.spending on the current sounds of the Youtube and 2. hitters along side the mix-tape generation.

Sadly this is one of the culprits that’s robbing the content music creators:

How to Download Music for FREE on your Computer! 2013!How to Download Music for FREE on your Computer! 2013!
Download Music Completely FREE on your Computer!!! ———————————————————————————————————-…

 I wonder if the owner of this video channel thinks about the fact that the song writers and musicians have families and mouths to feed just like they do. Has it crossed your mind if you are downloading your music FREE?

So to wrap up Is FREE hurting the Music Industry? think about this thought, what if there was no more new music? think of the impact that would have on society today, it wouldn’t survive because of the conditioning we are all so in grained with today, I just couldn’t see the mental survival of the “Got To Have It” nature of the beast.

Here’s a look into the Future of Music:

What Will the Future of Music Sound Like?What Will the Future of Music Sound Like?
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Sound Opinions: The Future of MusicSound Opinions: The Future of Music
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Remember that everything in life whether music religion or politics, we all have an opinion and depending on the 5 w’s and an H, most really only matter to the one listening. For more great articles go to:



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