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Eye Candy Sells everything right? RIGHT?

Eye Candy Sells everything right? RIGHT?

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

If this is true which it basically is. shouldn’t you be on the cover a magazine? Eye Candy Sells everything right? RIGHT? Especially when it comes to music and videos, Scantly dressed women and men seems to be all the rage but hasn’t been going on every since MTV brought it to the fore front of civilized society?

SEX baby give it to me, and we seriously wonder what’s wrong with our children. If Eye Candy Sells everything right? RIGHT? then what sells books, cars, clothes, iphone 6,

Funny Commercials: Sex SellsFunny Commercials: Sex Sells
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This is from many places around the world that proves the point of this articles title. Is it hurting helping or just selling a product, that would be for you the final judge in all things purchased with your hard earned dollars.

Bottom line it’s in almost every video on the social videos sites,magazines, tv shows can you say “SCANDAL” and so many other eye candy shows, Ladies I didn’t forget you there are some female ty candy shows none that I care to see but have heard through the slip of the lip females who have a hard time keeping their hormones in check.

Music video sexiness has to some gone completely over board wouldn’t you agree, SEX SEX and more SEX, it’s boarder line porn for real, but hey who and I to judge, I do love my SEX in then bedroom of course, what were you thinking.

we all would have to agree that Eye Candy Sells everything right? RIGHT? in our world reality it does by design and I say that in the literal sense of the word. In anagogic terms our reality would mean something completely different that’s for another subject in a different article all together.

In the music industry whom would you say has sex in almost if not all their videos? Beyonce’ Prince,Taylor Swift,Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Madonna, Rhiana, toss up wouldn’t you say because they all at one time or another hit hard (no pun intended) with some WTW? what the what in their videos, and it doesn’t  just apply to the music industry, though it is mind you the industry were it’s  most prevalent.

I just wanna to see what your thought were on such a long lasting in our history subject of why we buy and sell almost everything with sex, could it be we have been conditioned or are we just built that way by nature to be attracted to sex and it’s addiction oops there I go again :}

Now to be so called politically correct are we still saying that now? If you happen to be gay that’s cool all things are a matter of choice right or wrong, who are we to judge. Just let it go all you holier than thou mind set thinkers,don’t hate when things don’t go your way,I know you are saying or thinking GODS gonna strike you down and YOU need Jesus. If that were the case we ALL would have been struck down a long time ago because you and I both know there is NO human being on this planet that has a clean plate.

Oh by the way I believe in Spirit Energy (SOURCE) call it him/her what you will, but remember let ye not JUDGE another for that it is NOT your responsibility. For more interesting articles (click here)



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