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EITR Thinking…(elephant in the room)

EITR Thinking…(elephant in the room)

by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

EITR Thinking…(elephant in the room)


Before I begin, let me make this perfectly clear,I’m not shooting for literary correctness,I write strictly from the heart and the majority of the time straight to the point,depending on the subject matter.I’m not trying to win a literary prize for I know those awards mainly go to writers who’s ambitions are New York Times Washington Post Wall Street Journal kind of honors.
With all due respect to ALL eyes that see read and hear this,no disrespect to your intelligence,I just want to have Written Verbal Conversations with you as the friend I see you as.                           Sincerely, Nuwri Ghostleaf

 Damn that has too hurt as well as be humiliating. Just think if YOU were the EITR Thinking…(elephant in the room)? Well in the case of this article, you are. Wondering if the sound is right, if you used enough reverb or auto-tune. Yes we are talking music. I often wonder how difficult it is to make the right decisions in the studio. Music as we know it today has changed dramatically. Every artists is now sounding the same. The originality like yesterdays recording artists is so far gone, we often find ourselves as music creators, how far away do I want my music to be from the norm that’s being driven down our throat and ears by mainstream radio channels, that by the way are controlled by the powers that be. Which means what you might ask? Indie artists depend heavily on Internet radio DJ clubs and word of mouth to promote our music. The Pay to Play game is still in full affect if you hear what I’m saying.

So I ask YOU what is EITR Thinking…(elephant in the room) would you really have a clue? let me save you the trouble. Back in the day during the Soul Train, Band Stand era’s of tv music promotions, if the song had a great beat and you could dance to it, that usually meant a hit for the artists. Now days the formatting and playing field has changed to the tune of, My Tribe, Following, social media connections along with all other technological advances that help promote the indie artists. Bottomline is that, Who Really Cares How The Music Sounds?

What’s that you say dear Watson?

My voice is out, Auto-Tune it, I mean, well just fix it in the mix. You mean auto-tune it right? (LOL)

We heard that. Aw heck Just Do It! You really won’t know the difference, everyone sounds the same anyway today. Damn!

To be different means just that, Your sound is your identity. Prince, Michael Jackson, Ri Ri, Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, EWF, David Bowie, Amy, Adele and so many of the artists I could have mentioned, are STAND out artists who’s sound is their own distinct sound without all the modern day trickery. “What you hear is not a test” it’s ORIGINALITY!

So I’m goning to cut this short and just say, if you are struggling with trying to beat the EITR Thinking…(elephant in the room), simply, Just Be YOU! those that feel your music will get with it and support, those that want to go with the trend like every other artist trying to be like the next, then hey if that works for you, then Do The Dam Thang! With Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube and all the other avenues you can travel down, how bad do you want it?

As my dear friend The Silver Conductor would say, we need a:


MusicLuv Always

Nuwri Ghostleaf (



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