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December to Remember

December to Remember

by: The Silver Conductor

As we enter the last month of 2017, it has been a year to look back upon and say, What did I really accomplish? Reflecting on a December to Remember without the month actually being over might be a little hard for some, but what I’m asking you to do is think back over the year up to now and or years past, that have memories that truly stand  out in your mind. Painful orJoyful, you choose the memory.

I lost my Mother and oldest brother on a christmas eve years ago, killed by a drunk driver that to this day I can only wonder what life would have been like. 9 years ago one of my baby brothers who passed, that brought my music career to a halt. (Robert)

Last year I lost my father around this same time, so you can see why reflecting could be a very difficult thing for me if I so chose for it to be, but instead I have YOU. MusicLuv to ALL eyes that are seeing reading and hearing this, YOU are part of the very reason I continue. I know and feel I have every right to be sad and lonely, but what good would that really do, after all, once the crying susides, Life continues no matter what the circumstance right?

With all that being said, me being very transparent and open, I just want to say, Thank You for being there all year. Commenting on my blog and reading my tweets. That’s the beauty of social media, Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, you get LOVE from all over the world. I’m hoping ALL have a wonderful Hoilday season and a “Get Er’ Done” 2018.

Click here to enjoy my musicluv tribute to my baby brother.  “Holidays Without You”


The Silver Conductor

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