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Could china become the largest market for music industry and produce many great song with china style?


by: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Well now here’s one for the record and I mean mark my words”

Could china become the largest market for music industry and produce many great song with china style?

a simple one word answer YES!

It already is becoming if not already is the biggest economy in the industrialized world. Population 1.35 Billion strong, that ought to tell you something.
Youtube famous

Chinese music – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Chinese music has been known historically since the dawn of Chinese civilization, with There were many different opinions regarding the best standard. Revolutionary songs would become heavily promoted by the state. Just like in most modern countries, China has a fast production of different types of new music

Gangnam Style isn’t a one-off – Major music industry report says …–major-music-industry-report-says-future-pop-sensations-will-be-youtubedriven-globalised-acts-from-asia-and-south-america-8307206.html
Nov 12, 2012 But a permanent shift in investment means that the British charts will becoming the world’s 11th largest market, up from number 33, with local acts squeezing It won’t be long before you see a Chinese or Japanese act doing well. been on the ten main music markets– US, the UK, Germany, France etc.

Like all things it’s just a matter of time and I mean a short time that this will take place. If and when this shift takes palce and believe me you it’s in the making, a lot of artists will move to or have an office space there so they can survive the shift.

One of The Best Boyband in Asia; M.I.C - Get It HOT [Eng Sub] Official MVOne of The Best Boyband in Asia; M.I.C – Get It HOT [Eng Sub] Official MV
currently addict to this HOT Boyband — MIC — you guys should check it out!! they are so freaking talented!! I bet you will like them 🙂 M.I.C 男团 Stands For…

With the sad but reality of Piracy in the record industry, we will see so much more coming out of china even with their stricked regulations. Our government is trying hard to curb the problem through it’s diplomacy, but can you say “SNAILS PACE”

It’s one thing to be open and liberal to new ideas as society but a major difference when you are forced to adhere to the demands which would be a financial boom for their economy not just the record business but the mobile phone streaming of music which is the big movement going on right now as I write this article (hint hint)

The one thing that you must realize about china is that big business most of it anyway is ran by the state which means if there is profit to be made, they want to be a part of it.

My dear friend The Silver Conductor.

who has a big chinese following, loves the idea and says if you are a musician serious about the new record industry, you better follow suit and get social like ALREADY.

I know all is yet to be seen but if you do your due diligence about the rulers of the world and how things are really ran, you will quickly feel what I am saying and why.

Will American and European artist keep top billing as far as the rest of the world goes, well that depends on how the free world views music when all is said and done. we live in a competitive world where the fuel is monetary financial gain, the saying is “He who has the Gold rules the world” believe me when I say china has the gold, you just don’t know it.

Sincerely food for thought.

Nuwri Ghostleaf


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