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Mar 19

Blurred Lines, Sampling What?

Blurred Lines, Sampling ? by: Nuwri Ghostleaf Blurred Lines, Sampling What ? My 2 cents. This was a Lawsuit just waiting to happen right from the beginning. the moment I heard the track first 5 seconds in I said that’s Marvin Gaye’s song. Not that sounds like it, but that is a straight RIP OFF! Damn that’s really gonna give music a bad name.Well I’ll be darn,if that wasn’t calling the kettle Steal. Now we have to go back to god knows where in music history and start researching what sounds like what? or now this is a BIG or, we can just say BE ORIGINAL! That is the new music era real issue. Most new labeled artists sound the …

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Dec 17

Is Your Music Mobile Ready?

Is Your Music Mobile Ready? by: Nuwri Ghostleaf With the massive changes going on in the music industry, things are moving almost as fast as a viral video. You as a musician have to keep up with it or get left in the proverbial dust of yesteryear. Is Your Music Mobile Ready? is a direct reflection of how a Millennial buying audience reaches for their cell phones before they have keys in the hand to leave their homes? This trend is not going to slow down anytime soon according to sources all throughout the tech world and the internet. We are not just talking here in the US, but world wide. We live in a world economy people WAKE UP! …

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Nov 20


WHEN MUSIC IS YOUR LIFE by: Nuwri Ghostleaf To wish upon a star is sung in many a song, but felt in many aspiring artists hearts. WHEN MUSIC IS YOUR LIFE, it’s quite a different story. The dream is so real your every waking moment is a song being performed on the biggest stage of all, Life’s stage, in front whomever will listen and hopefully become a big enough fan to want to know where they can buy your dream called music. With the many different avenues available today to fulfill those dreams, one has to wonder why more are not making it to the Beyonce Jay Z Taylor Swift heights, well there are many factors we will cover in …

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Oct 01

Hey Musician, Do You Blog or have a Website?

Hey Musician, Do You Blog or have a Website? by: Nuwri Ghostleaf What? I write music man I don’t have time for that. I ask again, Hey Musician, Do You Blog or have a Website? If you said no to that question, shame on you in a very big way. All musicians have to stop and realize that this the life blood of their business nowadays. Yes I know and can hear many of you saying but I don’t know anything about how to build or put together a website or blog in fact what is a blog? Seriously? you can learn how to operate and navigate complex programs like Protools, Cubebase,Reason,Logic Cakewalk and probably many others Garage Band and …

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