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Sep 26

Blue eyed Soul Brown Eyed Rock and Roll

Blue eyed Soul Brown Eyed Rock and Roll by:Nuwri Ghostleaf Who’s the first recording artist that came to mind when you read, Blue Eyed Soul, Brown Eyed Rock and Roll? Was it Hall and Oates, Robin Thick ,Justin Timberlake, k Justin Bieber, none of these artists? well let’s look at the spectrum. Wow I couldn’t find a one, not even on Youtube. Now that is so sad. Even though if you ask Mick Jagger  or Paul, McCartney, they will tell you Little Richard invented, created call it what you will, started Rock and Roll. Now I know that might come as shocker to some but to those who honestly believe in truth let that resonate with you for a moment. …

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Sep 10

Music Music “OFF THE WALL”

Music Music “OFF THE WALL” by: Nuwri Ghostleaf Does that beginning sound familiar by any chance? well it should why because it comes from a very familiar childhood story. I’m not going to remind you it’s “Obvious” as my dear friend The Silver Conductor would say. Today’s Music Music “OFF THE WALL” is becoming more and more difficult to truly find likable music without sounding like the last song you just heard which is sad, songs like Michael Jackson “Off The Wall” were classics that made real music lovers of all genres say YES! I can Dig It!. Michael Jackson – Off the wall Michael Jackson – Off the wall.   In the new record industry liking the music and …

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Sep 09


 RADIO SUPERSTAR or INTERNET SUPERSTAR ? by: Nuwri Ghostleaf So you want to be a star do ya? RADIO SUPERSTAR or INTERNET SUPERSTAR ? now that is the question. If you choose wrong are you a winner or loser? depends on how big of a superstar you’re  planning on becoming. These are two of the most extreme differences today that there ever will be in human history when it comes to the record industry. How can I say that, well just look at what it takes to become a radio star, Big PAYOLA, no he didn’t say payola, I thought that was illegal? well it is depending on the type of payola you  are talking about. To get your music …

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Sep 08

The Next Big Thing IS IT YOU?

The Next Big Thing IS IT YOU? by: Nuwri Ghostleaf Big name artists from Beyonce’ to Taylor Swift were once hoping to be The Next Big Thing IS IT YOU? well needless to say they both did and are. Beyoncé – Drunk in Love (Explicit) ft. JAY Z Available now “Beyoncé” The Visual Album 14 Songs 17 videos Music video by Beyoncé feat. Jay Z performing Drunk in Love…   Taylor Swift – Shake It Off Preorder Taylor’s upcoming new release 1989 on iTunes today and get her new single “Shake It Off” now as an instant grat! Music video by Taylor Swift performin…   Wow! viewer discretion advised, but isn’t that the norm for the industry now? …

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