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Dec 04

December to Remember

December to Remember by: The Silver Conductor As we enter the last month of 2017, it has been a year to look back upon and say, What did I really accomplish? Reflecting on a December to Remember without the month actually being over might be a little hard for some, but what I’m asking you to do is think back over the year up to now and or years past, that have memories that truly stand  out in your mind. Painful orJoyful, you choose the memory. I lost my Mother and oldest brother on a christmas eve years ago, killed by a drunk driver that to this day I can only wonder what life would have been like. 9 years …

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Jan 02


MUSIC INDUSTRY HAPPY YOU YEAR 2015 by: Nuwri Ghostleaf Ten Nine Eight Seven Six Five Four Three Two One, MUSIC INDUSTRY HAPPY YOU YEAR 2015. “Oh  What A Feelin”. A year full of so much uncertainty, only until the end the 2014 did any artist do Platinum numbers, when the weekly norm was that and a whole lot more. Taylor Swift and her bold 1989 album/cd took her over the hump. What can we expect in the months ahead, well one suggestion would be a stronger stand by Google on piracy and illegal sites. Another by the award giving bodies,like Grammy’s, AMA’s, RIAA, would be to restructure what’s the new numbers that must be achieved, since it has almost become …

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Jul 24

A Singles Life | Musically speaking

By: Nuwri Ghostleaf Hard to get a date due to bureaucratic executive sloshing? well fret no more, your time has come. There are 9 other singles just waiting to take your place in the releasing pattern of the old school record industry. But with the advent of our current worldwide digital industry, you won’t be single or waiting anymore. A Singles Life Musically speaking that is, is now at the sole discretion of the what I like to call, The New Motown’s, Independent Artist. Let’s “Go back to the Future”. An artist signs a record deal, goes through the long wait of top record executives to decide on what look, sound, producer(s),  budget, if any,  promotional tour dates, what creative …

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Feb 01

The Silver Conductor | Buying the music

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