Jul 24

A Singles Life | Musically speaking

By: Nuwri Ghostleaf

Hard to get a date due to bureaucratic executive sloshing? well fret no more, your time has come. There are 9 other singles just waiting to take your place in the releasing pattern of the old school record industry. But with the advent of our current worldwide digital industry, you won’t be single or waiting anymore. A Singles Life Musically speaking that is, is now at the sole discretion of the what I like to call, The New Motown’s, Independent Artist.

Let’s “Go back to the Future”. An artist signs a record deal, goes through the long wait of top record executives to decide on what look, sound, producer(s),  budget, if any,  promotional tour dates, what creative input they are going to allow you the new artist, who doesn’t know what’s best for his or her career, simply because it’s not your dollars being spent so to speak.

But if you know anything about contract negotiations, you know there is always a recouping clause hidden somewhere inside ๐Ÿ™‚ Okay back to the singles life. Now that your future has been determined for you, the daunting task of choosing what you know in your heart is the right single that will get you noticed and the street feeling and notoriety that comes along with it if done right.

Well just hold on there little doggie, we got this, says the record exec. WTF? this is my life and career we are talking about here, don’t I have any say?  a ๐Ÿ™‚ nope from those in charge, what about the ? we’ve got this, the perfect single we wanna release is? Awe  HE_ _ NAW,  this is BULLS _ _T!

The life of a single, it usually lasts for 3 to 6 months of strong airplay if you’ve got the dollars to support it, if not, then it’s modern times Social Media marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, itunes, Hubpages and so many more. A singles life nowadays includes all of the cd’s siblings sporadically leaving the nest and being introduced to the buying public sometimes prematurely, and sometimes in sync with  street team and social media analytics  reporting data.

The message to take from all this A Singles Life Musically speaking, is that things have changed dramatically from the when you get new music, to the how, whether illegal downloading which I don’t suggest,  remember musicians have to eat too. From Ipods to cellphone computers, we can get it Now! entire cd’s or mixtapes of all your favorites.

Me personally, I like the family package , no need to be Single or taken from your siblings, buy the entire package and enjoy it like the fine wine music is meant to be. Remember that you are the final judge in all that you do as a consumer, so make the singles choice a family affair. ๐Ÿ™‚

Personal music recommendation: The Silver conductor, “Sophisticated music for the Adult music lover in you”. You will be pleasantly surprised. His music is truly fine wine that must be sipped and enjoyed.

Until we speak again -Peace-

Nuwri Ghostleaf



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