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by Nuwri Ghostleaf

Welcome to the new year 2014 YEAR OF INDEPENDENT ARTISTS 2014

What surprises will we encounter this year, well let’s just take a step back in time to see what the 2014 might bring.

Beyonce’s surprise album: What’s the verdict? – CNN.com
Surprise new album shows it’s true. updated 1:15 PM EST, Fri December 13, 2013. STORY HIGHLIGHTS. Beyonce …. And they’re all connected to the music.”.

Beyoncé releases surprise new album – FACT Magazine: Music …
published. 13 Dec 2013 sold in three days · Beyoncé’s surprise album will debut at number one on Billboard 200 chart Musician/Band · 54,492,563 Likes.

Beyonce Surprises Us All With a New Album – Mashable
Dec 13, 2013 By Brian Anthony Hernandez 2013-12-13 05:30:30 UTC “I didn’t want to release my music the way I’ve done it. I am bored with that. I feel like 

Beyonce releases surprise album | The Music Mix | EW.com
Beyoncé has delivered the ultimate holiday surprise. Just after midnight on the By Sandra Gonzalez on Dec 13, 2013at 1:02AM @EWSandraG. Beyonce.jpg.

Beyoncé releases surprise new album exclusively on iTunes | The …
Dec 13, 2013 Beyoncé just shocked the music world by releasing her fifth studio album without Hollywood tallies up new box office record in 2013, led by.

2013 Grammy Awards: Snubs & surprises – MSN Music
See photos of surpriseGrammy nominees and who was left out.

Wow! I thought that was all I could find, I know more than that happened I was there.

Ok let’s go with Indie artists.

Thrift Shop on iTunes: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/thrift-shop-feat.-wanz-single/id556955707 The Heist physical deluxe edition: http://www.macklemoremer…

 Now this was a WTW? Ah Ha moment that spoke Volumes for ALL indie artist trying to break into main stream.

With more and more attention being given to indie artists, being on toop of your game is going to be extremely important. For some great info check out The Silver Conductor’s blog 

Here is some other sources that might be of interest.

50 Tips for Indie Music Producers & Recording Artists: Success as a DIY Musician, Music Business50 Tips for Indie Music Producers & Recording Artists: Success as a DIY Musician, Music Business
http://www.tcustomz.com/blog/50-tips-for-indie-music-producers-recording-artists-success-as-a-diy-musician/ “LIKE” our Facebook Page to receive FREE music ti…


Create Your Label: The Top 5 Mistakes Indie Music Artists MakeCreate Your Label: The Top 5 Mistakes Indie Music Artists Make
(www.paxstereo.tv/createyourlabel) Create Your Label Series: This one was a topic selected by Vic, and we think he hit the indie nail on the head! Take a loo…


How to market music - Music Marketing Strategies for indie artists.How to market music – Music Marketing Strategies for indie artists.
http://lorenweisman.com/ – http://tag2nd.com/ – How to market music – Music Marketing Strategies for indie artists. An LW Music Business Consultant, Speaker …

Social Media will play a very big roll in your hey I’m over here online presents with a constant engagement with your fans and followers. YOU have to stay connected to be connected in the new record industry whether you like work or not, that’s what it’s going to take. Our microwave mentality that we all live in, The give it to me when I want it syndrome that’s as fast as the next tweet, is a tell tell sign of where we are headed.


should be a mass awakening due to the fact stats from a $38 billion dollar industry to a now $16 billion says that every dollar counts for the industry to survive in this downloading streaming business called the record industry.

My one last comment will be, Let’s get the royalty percentages that are paid out between the companies that are providing the online services and the artists ALL artists Indie and major labeled, more fairly negotiated. Now that you know what to expect, go out and make things happen the way you as an artist envision it.

As my dear friend always says,

MusicLuv to All eyes that see read and hear this.

Nuwri Ghostleaf




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